Monday, October 02, 2006

Another week gone

It seems like week after week just seems to pass very quickly these days. Last week I managed to accumulate another 46km into my mileage bank. Almost half the mileage was done at tempo pace which helped wake up my normally lethargic body.

Saturday morning's weather was really cooling with a slight drizzle. Choi, Tey, Jason, Lynn and Ronnie turned up for the morning run to Hartamas. Tey paced with me throughout the run. It was really fun to have someone to talk to in contrast to my mundane daily solo runs.

We covered 21k in about 2h12m. This time I didn't feel tired, it must have either been the cool weather or my endurance is already increasing. I really wish we could get such weather in some of our races, especially if I am going the full distance (42.195k).

Yesterday I went for my swim again at the Matsushita pool. Managed to increase from 30laps to 40laps this time. I feel myself getting more confident and relaxed in the water. My muscles were slightly sore afterwards but it did feel good. Peter and Ms Chee were able to join us this time.


Raymond Hee said...

Swimming after a hard running workout is orgasmic.It works wonderfully on the sore muscles

U can do a triathlon in future,keep it up ya


Dinesh said...

Thanks Raymond. I am thinking of going for further swimming lessons to pick up freestyle as I can only swim the breaststroke now. Do you know of any good teachers?

Raymond Hee said...

Dinesh,I believed Matshushita pool has a few instructor who could help u out,if not try Bukit Jalil,they have coaches there as well.Last but not least,myself is a certified instructor as well haha.
Good Luck ya

Anonymous said...

want free lessons?

Bir Runner