Monday, March 31, 2008

My 3rd marathon

KLIM 2006 - 5h24m19s
KLIM 2007 - 5h58m24s
KLIM 2008 - 5h24m13s

I had my heart and determination set for a good finish time from Dec '07 and put that into a structured training program. But as any training program, a lot still depends on other unavoidable circumstances which might put a dent in our efforts.

The last four weeks leading up to the race seemed to be a systematic de-training or de-conditioning for me after seeing myself through a solid 3 month training that saw a tremendous improvement in my form and fitness. 18 consecutive days of completely no running or cross training followed by some last minute desperate short runs to warm up the muscles again was what I was left with to face the gruelling 42km that lay ahead of me.

In any case I'm glad for friends like Tey, Jamie and Choi who gave me the encouragement to still lace up and arrive at the starting line yesterday. I was feeling quite relaxed and ran at a constant comfortable pace for the first 21k (2h21m).

Everything was still feeling pretty good but that soon changed when my right quad started to pull just before reaching the 25k mark. I'm glad that it was just that one muscle that gave me problems this time (unlike last year) which allowed me to continue to adopt a run-walk approach for the rest of the race. Crossed the finish line with a chip time of 5h24m13s.

Sundown marathon (Singapore, 01-06-08) - Sub 5???

Photo courtesy of Tey at 37km:-

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our precious gems

Picture taken 22-03-08

Monday, March 24, 2008

Road to KLIM08

Updated - 24th Mar '08

Week 1
3-Dec: Gym + 4.5k
4-Dec: Rest
5-Dec: Gym + 5k
6-Dec: Rest
7-Dec: 4.5K @ home
8-Dec: Gym + 4k
9-Dec: 14.5k LSD
Week's Mileage: 32.5k

Week 2
10-Dec: Gym + 4.5k
11-Dec: 7k @ home
12-Dec: 8k @ home
13-Dec: Gym + 5k
14-Dec: Rest
15-Dec: Rest
16-Dec: 18k LSD
Week's Mileage: 42.5k

Week 3
17-Dec: Rest
18-Dec: 8k + Gym
19-Dec: Rest
20-Dec: 11k in Klang
21-Dec: 5k + Gym
22-Dec: Rest
23-Dec: 21k LSD
Week's Mileage: 45.0k

Week 4
24-Dec: 5k + Gym
25-Dec: Rest
26-Dec: Rest
27-Dec: 8k + Gym
28-Dec: 10k @Botanic
29-Dec: Rest
30-Dec: 21k LSD
Week's Mileage: 44.0k

Week 5
31-Dec: Rest
1-Jan: 13.8k PM Run
2-Jan: Rest
3-Jan: 4k+Gym+Bike
4-Jan: Rest
5-Jan: 20k
6-Jan: 10k
Week's Mileage: 47.8k

Week 6
7-Jan: Row,Bike,Gym
8-Jan: Rest
9-Jan: 16k @ home
10-Jan: 8k + Gym
11-Jan: 8k @ home
12-Jan: Rest
13-Jan: 14k
Week's Mileage: 46.0k

Week 7
14-Jan: 10k @ home
15-Jan: 5k + Gym
16-Jan: 10k @Botanic
17-Jan: 6k + Gym
18-Jan: Rest
19-Jan: Rest
20-Jan: GE 20k Race
Week's Mileage: 51.0k

Week 8
21-Jan: 10k @ home
22-Jan: 8k + Gym
23-Jan: Rest
24-Jan: 13k @ home
25-Jan: 5k + Gym
26-Jan: Rest
27-Jan: 30k
Week's Mileage: 66.0k

Week 9
28-Jan: 11k @ home
29-Jan: 9k + Gym
30-Jan: 10k
31-Jan: Rest
1-Feb: Rest
2-Feb: 5k + Gym
3-Feb: 21.5k
Week's Mileage: 56.5k

Week 10
4-Feb: 10k @ home
5-Feb: 10k @ home
6-Feb: 5k + Gym
7-Feb: Rest
8-Feb: 8k @ home
9-Feb: Rest
10-Feb: 32k
Week's Mileage: 65.0k

Week 11
11-Feb: 10k @ home
12-Feb: 8k + Gym
13-Feb: 10k @ home
14-Feb: Rest
15-Feb: 8k + Gym
16-Feb: Rest
17-Feb: 20k
Week's Mileage: 56.0k

Week 12
18-Feb: High fever
19-Feb: High fever
20-Feb: Still down
21-Feb: Still down
22-Feb: 6k
24-Feb: Singapore
Week's Mileage: 22.0k

Week 13
25-Feb: Singapore
26-Feb: 10k
27-Feb: Rest
28-Feb: 10k
29-Feb: Rest
1-Mar: 31k
2-Mar: Rest
Week's Mileage: 51.0k

Week 14
3-Mar: Muscle ache
4-Mar: Muscle ache
5-Mar: Muscle ache
6-Mar: Muscle ache
7-Mar: 3k ache
8-Mar: Overseas
9-Mar: Overseas
Week's Mileage: 3.0k

Week 15
10-Mar: Overseas
11-Mar: Overseas
12-Mar: Overseas
13-Mar: Overseas
14-Mar: Shifting
15-Mar: Shifting
16-Mar: Shifting
Week's Mileage: 00.0k

Week 16
17-Mar: Shifting
18-Mar: Shifting
19-Mar: Rain - Busy
20-Mar: Rain - Busy
21-Mar: 8k
22-Mar: Rest
23-Mar: 10k
Week's Mileage: 18.0k

Week 17
24-Mar: Rest
30-Mar: KLIM 2008
Week's Mileage: 00.0k