Monday, March 24, 2008

Road to KLIM08

Updated - 24th Mar '08

Week 1
3-Dec: Gym + 4.5k
4-Dec: Rest
5-Dec: Gym + 5k
6-Dec: Rest
7-Dec: 4.5K @ home
8-Dec: Gym + 4k
9-Dec: 14.5k LSD
Week's Mileage: 32.5k

Week 2
10-Dec: Gym + 4.5k
11-Dec: 7k @ home
12-Dec: 8k @ home
13-Dec: Gym + 5k
14-Dec: Rest
15-Dec: Rest
16-Dec: 18k LSD
Week's Mileage: 42.5k

Week 3
17-Dec: Rest
18-Dec: 8k + Gym
19-Dec: Rest
20-Dec: 11k in Klang
21-Dec: 5k + Gym
22-Dec: Rest
23-Dec: 21k LSD
Week's Mileage: 45.0k

Week 4
24-Dec: 5k + Gym
25-Dec: Rest
26-Dec: Rest
27-Dec: 8k + Gym
28-Dec: 10k @Botanic
29-Dec: Rest
30-Dec: 21k LSD
Week's Mileage: 44.0k

Week 5
31-Dec: Rest
1-Jan: 13.8k PM Run
2-Jan: Rest
3-Jan: 4k+Gym+Bike
4-Jan: Rest
5-Jan: 20k
6-Jan: 10k
Week's Mileage: 47.8k

Week 6
7-Jan: Row,Bike,Gym
8-Jan: Rest
9-Jan: 16k @ home
10-Jan: 8k + Gym
11-Jan: 8k @ home
12-Jan: Rest
13-Jan: 14k
Week's Mileage: 46.0k

Week 7
14-Jan: 10k @ home
15-Jan: 5k + Gym
16-Jan: 10k @Botanic
17-Jan: 6k + Gym
18-Jan: Rest
19-Jan: Rest
20-Jan: GE 20k Race
Week's Mileage: 51.0k

Week 8
21-Jan: 10k @ home
22-Jan: 8k + Gym
23-Jan: Rest
24-Jan: 13k @ home
25-Jan: 5k + Gym
26-Jan: Rest
27-Jan: 30k
Week's Mileage: 66.0k

Week 9
28-Jan: 11k @ home
29-Jan: 9k + Gym
30-Jan: 10k
31-Jan: Rest
1-Feb: Rest
2-Feb: 5k + Gym
3-Feb: 21.5k
Week's Mileage: 56.5k

Week 10
4-Feb: 10k @ home
5-Feb: 10k @ home
6-Feb: 5k + Gym
7-Feb: Rest
8-Feb: 8k @ home
9-Feb: Rest
10-Feb: 32k
Week's Mileage: 65.0k

Week 11
11-Feb: 10k @ home
12-Feb: 8k + Gym
13-Feb: 10k @ home
14-Feb: Rest
15-Feb: 8k + Gym
16-Feb: Rest
17-Feb: 20k
Week's Mileage: 56.0k

Week 12
18-Feb: High fever
19-Feb: High fever
20-Feb: Still down
21-Feb: Still down
22-Feb: 6k
24-Feb: Singapore
Week's Mileage: 22.0k

Week 13
25-Feb: Singapore
26-Feb: 10k
27-Feb: Rest
28-Feb: 10k
29-Feb: Rest
1-Mar: 31k
2-Mar: Rest
Week's Mileage: 51.0k

Week 14
3-Mar: Muscle ache
4-Mar: Muscle ache
5-Mar: Muscle ache
6-Mar: Muscle ache
7-Mar: 3k ache
8-Mar: Overseas
9-Mar: Overseas
Week's Mileage: 3.0k

Week 15
10-Mar: Overseas
11-Mar: Overseas
12-Mar: Overseas
13-Mar: Overseas
14-Mar: Shifting
15-Mar: Shifting
16-Mar: Shifting
Week's Mileage: 00.0k

Week 16
17-Mar: Shifting
18-Mar: Shifting
19-Mar: Rain - Busy
20-Mar: Rain - Busy
21-Mar: 8k
22-Mar: Rest
23-Mar: 10k
Week's Mileage: 18.0k

Week 17
24-Mar: Rest
30-Mar: KLIM 2008
Week's Mileage: 00.0k




PACM.KLANG said...


So you have pick LFK to be yr training partner, that's good , now I can see a fantastic year ahead.

KLIm is yr 1st Marathon target and over the barley stall, you are targeting 2 more: Penang Bridge and Std Chartered Spore Marathon----i put in this email record so that you guys dont run away.

Welcome back to competitive running.

capt lim

Dinesh said...

Captain.. even if I pick Lee to be my partner he won't want to lah.. yesterday already keep complaining that I am slow and ask me whats wrong with me hehe!

Thanks for the encouragement all this while and it's good to be back, just hope I can really make a come back. But this time is more for the participation and enjoyment. Must learn to relax.

About the Penang bridge and Singapore... well hmmmm you can record it down lah but only time will tell :)

Anonymous said...


Welcome back..!


Carboman said...

week 1 looks good! cinya!

Dinesh said...

Thanks Zul! Jamie it's going to be tough but I'll try

C-CUBE said...

DK, glad to hear that ur back in action. just dun put too much pressure on urself. enjoying the run is more important.

CP Waterman said...

Great man with discipline. Take it easy the 1st 6 weeks by just running in the mileage instead of trying to add speed work at the same time. Your gym work will carry you far but make sure the 5k run is gentle & easy.
Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year!

Dinesh said...

C3 yes I shall enjoy my comeback and take it easy.

CP thanks for the tip, its easy to get carried away and combining a hard run and a full gym workout at the same time is not advisable. Blessed christmas and new year to you and your family!

fook said...

wow... great to hear u coming back DK, u make me wan to wear my rubber and run again, all the best to u bro, congratulation on ur new baby, merry christmas and happy new year!

VetRunner said...


Welcome back.
I will give KLIM08 a miss if not, will cross the finish line together.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Dinesh said...

Fook, thanks man. Come back in your own time and take it easy. Happy new year to you!

Vet, thanks and hope to see you in KLIM. Happy new year to you & your family.

LR said...

You started early yesterday rite? Just going my round and monitoring your training.
Later will file my report to Kapitan....kekekek!
Sub sub water 120 mins lah.
'Happy New Year' DK!

CresceNet said...

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Raymond said...

Hey that's a cool programme Dinesh!Take it easy on the mileage and im sure u could do wonders come 30th March.Good luck buddy

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

hey dinesh,
wow wow wow! you have a very kau kau marathon training program.

the KLIM circuit training starts this sunday 27jan at lake gdn 7am. good to join, got drink station (hopefully)...hehe!

Abu Soffian said...

Perghhh.....happening la U

Câmera Digital said...

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Carboman said...

i thought u could need some support. been reading some past posts in the cbox and i think that as much as you're disappointed with the past 18 days of non-training, u will regret not participating in the race. think abt it - your training has been good in the middle part of your program. there's absolutely no question u will finish. therefore just go for the run - afterall you said "ALL IT TAKES IS ALL YOU GOT!". no matter what your goals are, its the spirit that matters. there can be no perfect training program for us with the packed lives we live. it's all abt rolling with the punches and take the challenges with ur head held high. once u cross that line, u will know why u laced up in the first place many months ago. just do it.

C-CUBE said...

DK, its not the time to give up now. As I said ur base training will carry you thru especially the number of 30ks that you ran to condition ur fitness and mental. Just get out there and run the race on March 30, and no time pressure. Just finish it and you will never regret starting the race. Seeya at the starting point.

Tey said...

Bro DK:

Don't worry,I think u will much much better prepare compare my condition,so,may be I pace for u first half if my condition can follow u ,ok bo ? Then u will hv confidence liao,can go ahead without my pace.Or may be after 10k ,u already pick up u form n confidence back liao.Don't worry,I strong believe u still can enjoy race,easy n relax pace,base on u strong training base.Home ground FULL,no need spend much money n can meet a lot of running kakis,y not ? Mas no much FULL marathon race liao mah.Don't skip,even me also no say give up,even face so many things.

See ya 30 March,Jom lari !!!!

Dinesh said...

Carboman, C3, Tey having friends like you guys who keep motivating is the main reason I run besides the sense of achievement. I shall lace my shoes this evening and get the muscles working again.

Tey, I appreciate the offer.. heck why not? Let's just go out there and enjoy. Sundown marathon is another chance for me to get back into it properly.