Monday, June 15, 2009

See you next year perhaps?

I won't be running the SC KL Marathon in two weeks. My lecturer stressed on the importance of our attendance for the last class that Sunday morning so I can't be skipping it. At the same time I've not been putting in my hours on the road so its probably not advisable. Perhaps next year I will have more time to train and be prepared.

Now the next race will then be the PD triathlon. Peter came to my place to pass me the Adidas KOTR registrations yesterday and he asked me to take the bike leg instead of the running as he has not been cycling. Wow that's a daunting 40km and I've not been putting much time on the bike either. With just less than 4 weeks to the PD tri, it's gonna be challenging. I need to now find a runner for Boon's team.