Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sri Hartamas 20k - Personal Best

Before I ran this morning I was in doubt whether I should run hard or easy today. I didn't want to strain myself and risk being not so fresh in Bidor. However since Lee was running with me today and he would be a good pacer, I just decided to run a fast first half and then try to maintain a good pace in the return leg.

As soon as we started I knew I was running quite fast... perhaps too fast but I just continued. Even Lee commented that this was really a fast pace. I slowed down a little after Jalan Duta and picked up the pace again in the last stretch after Plaza Damas. Overall time from Bukit Aman to Petronas was 52m55s.

We just quickly drank some water from the pipe there and started the return journey to Bukit Aman. Here I slowed down quite a bit initially and even Geraldine overtook me after Jalan Duta and said that I was too slow. Lee was running ahead and then making loops back towards me from time to time.

I just decided to keep Geraldine in site and picked up the pace a little towards the end. When I reached Jalan Parlimen I could still see her in front. I knew that my body was much stronger as I could still push up this stretch without much of a struggle. Split time from Petronas to Bukit Aman was 59m52s. Overall timing 1h52m47s.

I had stopped my watch at Petronas so I don't know how long we stopped there but it was a very brief stop since we just grabbed water from the pipe. If I take that into account and add perhaps another 6 minutes for another 1k, a sub 2 timing for a 21k would still be rather borderline. So Jamie is right, running a sub 2 half marathon is really not easy.

On a positive note, I can feel my body getting stronger. I need to just strengthen my mental state so that I can maintain a faster pace in the second half of the race. My pace today for the second half was too slow. Things that worked today were...

1. 6 hours of sleep
2. Powerbar and Ali Cafe
3. Nike Pegasus (I am really loving this pair of shoes more and more!)
4. Thorlos Level 3 (Socks were soaked after 10k but it absolutely prevents any painful blistering)

Well there is no point in trying anything else now as the race is just a week away. The best I can do now is to make sure I keep the body warm and fit with some short quick runs over the next 5 days while getting as much sleep and proper nutrition. A fully rested body is the best weapon on race day after a hard couple of months in preparation!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Clear blue skies!

Clear blue skies are back but may not last long. If there is one thing the haze has taught me is to just run regardless of the weather. The last three days saw me just putting on my shoes and running in the rain just to ensure I get my required mileage.

Tomorrow shall be my last LSD before my half marathon race in Bidor next Sunday. Lee and hopefully some others from Klang shall be joining me this time. I've decided to shelf my plan to 'race' my last LSD training, instead I will keep a steady pace for the first half and try to pick up the pace in the last 7k, this should train me to finish stronger in races.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Recovery Run 24-10-2006

It was raining heavily when I was typing my Nuang post but it slowed to a drizzle a little later. I just couldn't resist the urge to put on my shoes and go for a slow recovery run. The plan to wait till tomorrow to allow the knee some breathing space was thrown out the door. Running in the rain felt really good.

Distance: 7km
Duration: 42min
Time: 10.15pm

The knees are both fine. Slight pain detected in the right knee on my first lap but it disappeared very quickly. The muscles are really sore though, especially my quads. My run was followed by a light weight training session. I'm feeling really good now. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow night as we have our weekly fellowship run and I'm looking forward to that.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gunung Nuang 23-10-2006

I recently visited the World Of Sports clearance sale and picked up a pair of Columbia hiking boots. I wanted the pair I bought to be waterproof and a high cut version which would protect my ankles in the event I did fall or slip.

Since I mentioned my intent to get a few people to climb Nuang sometime soon, Tey volunteered to be my guide. Peter decided to join us as well. I was told by Tey that it would be easier to climb with just a few people than with a big group. So as early as 5am I picked up first Peter then Tey before proceeding to the foothill at Ulu Langat.

The three of us at the foothill just before commencing our climb. You can easily see who the rookie is.

The first part of the journey, we had to trek across what used to be a tar road but now is a very badly eroded muddy trail. Many years ago when the tar road was still there, people used to be able to drive up to where the waterfall was. I thought this trail was steep but didn't realise we hadn't really started the climb yet. We took about 75 minutes to get to the beginning of the actual trail up to the summit.

Our leader having his breakfast at the rest area near the waterfall and stream.

If you look closely I am already drenched with sweat after the initial 75min walk.

The waterfall and stream which we have to cross before proceeding to the first campsite.

From the point we crossed the waterfall to the summit, things just got tougher and tougher. Just for the record, I've never gone jungle trekking or done any kind of mountain climbing before... not even camping, so I really didn't know what to expect. The next stage was to get to camp Lolo and this took us about another 60mins.

Once reaching Lolo we just stopped for a few pictures and continued on for another 20mins crossing another 2 streams and passing a few more campsites. While crossing the last stream, I actually fell and hit my right kneebone on a big rock. The pain was quite bad I thought that it must be injured badly. After resting awhile the pain subsided so we decided to continue. I hoped that this would not be a mistake that I would regret later.

We finally reached Kem Pacat at 10am and rested again. There was a couple sleeping in a tent there. They must have been there overnight. One problem I seemed to be having was my specs were fogging up quite a bit and impairing my vision. On my next trip I shall remember to spray some anti fog on them.

Photo taken at Kem Pacat

A lot of the track is made up of red clay and it can be quite slippery when its wet. I really respect both Tey and Peter as they were wearing normal running shoes and seemed to be very quick and stable on their feet. Despite my boots which should have gripped better I was finding it difficult. I guess being heavier and taller my balancing is quite bad.

The last two stages of the climb are from Kem Pacat to Bukit Pengasih (the first peak) and from Bukit Pengasih to the summit. This part of the journey was the toughest as it was very steep and I had to really crack my head at times to figure out how to get just 10 metres up. My knee was still paining which added to my mental stress.

We managed to reach the summit at 12pm which was appx 5hrs from the time we started at the car park. Peter mentioned that this was the fastest ascent he had made here after climbing over 5 times so this did please me. By this time I was already exhausted and when Tey mentioned we should be able to descend faster than we climbed up, I told him I thought otherwise.

After having lunch, we started the climb down at 12.30pm. It started raining later which made the ground very slippery. Less than an hour later, I was starting to have severe pain in one of the bones next to my left knee. I could feel a sharp pain with each step I took. I had this pain before when I initially started swimming and feel that it was due to the angle in which I kicked when swimming, so perhaps while descending I was twisting my leg in all funny angles and thus causing this.

Anyway it just got worse from there, coupled with pains on both legs and increasing fatigue, I forced both my members to slow down drastically as well. The mental and physical anguish that one goes through in this kind of situation is much worse than when I had run my first 42k race. By the last couple of hours I was really swearing and cursing. I had to just switch off my mind an keep going at it, this was the only way I would make it back.

We finally made it back to the car park at 6.30pm. It was getting really dark by then. I was glad to have a really refreshing bath before driving back. Despite the pain and suffering both physically and mentally, I am glad that I attempted this climb. I don't know how soon, but I will definitely climb Nuang again not for a better timing but to strengthen my mind and overcome my fears.

The bone pain I suffered is much better now and should almost be non existant by tomorrow. My right kneebone injury is also better and can hardly be felt unless I press down on it by kneeling. My high cut boots did prevent me from having and serious joint injuries, especially at the ankles as I did trip and twist at the ankles many times. So besides really sore muscles, I am fine and should be back on the road tomorrow for an easy run.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Very long day


Woke up before the alarm rang. Quickly had a shower and lubed all the normal areas. Grabbed a banana and one can of Ali Cafe. As soon as I started driving I immediately saw that the haze had cleared quite a bit... wooohooo!


Reached Bkt Aman car park and everyone was already there. Today's participants were Choi, Geraldine, Eugene, Tey, Phyllis, Grace, Fook and Jason. Once I had slipped on my shoes, we started moving out of the car park.

The plan today was to try to run a hard run and see how long I could keep it up. I wanted to see if my form had dropped due to the recent lack of training caused by the haze. I led the pack all the way up to Kenny Hills with Tey and Geraldine just behind.

As I approached Jln Duta, I was now running on my own. Split time as I crossed under the flyover was 31m18s. I ran on my own for the next 3km and started slowing down a little as we reached Plaza Damas. Tey and Geraldine caught up here and Geraldine pulled away to the Petronas. Time when I reached Petronas was 57m21s.

Tey was kind enough to get me some Gatorade while I continued with the loop above the Petronas without stopping. He passed me the can when I had completed the loop. Thank you Tey! Here I walked a bit while drinking. I didn't want to stop because when I do, my socks tend to get soaked immediately, but if I keep going its not so bad.

From here on I was running on my own because the others were still taking the loop at Petronas and then had stopped briefly at the station. I was still feeling strong and was going at a steady pace until I reached the slope up the mosque. Here my right calf started pulling a little so I slowed the pace. Time when I crossed Jln Duta again was 1h32m23s.

My breathing was still steady all this while which shows improved fitness from speedwork and cross training, however the right calf continued showing slight signs of cramping which points to lack of mileage! I just continued at an easy pace all the way back to the car park. Total time taken was 2h7m6s.

To me this run was a victory because this is the first time I have run the Hartamas route finishing alone without walking. All previous times I was being paced by someone. My timing was also a personal best as I had taken both the loop at the Petronas and the left turning at the traffic light instead of the shortcut taken at times. This comes close to the actual 21k distance.


Reached home after having a refreshing shower at Bkt Aman. Enjoyed a half hour massage on my Ogawa chair and confirmed my Deepavali lunch appointments. I was starving by then as the body had probably burnt 1500 calories in the morning run. Met Peter, Albert, Diana and Lee at Gopu's house and later went to my in laws neighbours house for lunch.


Sent my son to my mum's place as my house needed some serious cleaning for a church home meeting we were hosting that night. Spent 3.5 hours cleaning the house... I had to cut the grass, wash the car porch, clean the fans, vacuum the house, mop the house and was the bathroom upstairs while wife tidied up and dusted everything. Beside Jamie, I really don't know of runners who actually do housework after a hard morning run???


Mum sent Nick back and church members started arriving at 8pm. I chaired the meeting and we later watched a testimony of Gurmeet Singh (The famous PCK). It was quite touching actually. He had recently come to KL for one of the Christian evangelical meetings organised at the Eastin hotel.


Once everyone left I made a dash to another close friends house for Deepavali. I've known this guy since Kindergarten and we were schoolmates and classmates up till form 5. Met some old schoolmates here and had a good time catching up.


Reached home, took out the garbage, vacuumed the hall again. Had a shower and now typing this posting. I've now been awake for 21hours, I'm going to bed now... good night and happy holidays to everyone! Drive safely if you are going outstation!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


The question we ask now is not "Is there haze?" but rather "It doesn't look too bad right?? Can run lah... what do you think ah??" We have been degraded to that level where we no longer have a choice. Yesterday evening I was so surprised that even Captain Lim who would usually not run in the haze turned up. Only Albert came after we had finished running.

Peter Goh aka Desperado 1 - 9 laps (10.4k)

CB Leow aka Desperado 2 - 12 laps (14k)

Yours truly aka Desperado 3 - 8 laps (9.3k)

Scorcorn Lee aka Desperado 4 - 11 laps (12.8k)

Captain Lim aka Desperado 5 - 7 laps (8.1k)

Albert (with his son), the only sane person who joined us only for makan!

Monday, October 16, 2006

New look

In conjunction with my blogs first year anniversary, I decided to change the layout and the general look of the site. Not having much creative skills, I decided to go with a simple standard template. It did take some time to convert all the archived postings into the existing format.

The banner was something that I really had to crack my head about. But surprisingly it turned out better than expected. The blog is now officially renamed to 'Klang Roadrunner' from 'Klang Runner's Blog'. It has been inspiring looking through my postings over the last one year as I converted the format. I hope there will be many more years of good postings to come!

Tell the truth!

Why are we being lied to? Does the picture below look like an API reading of just 76? Why make statements that the haze will get better and clear over the coming days when it hasn't? Are the officials at the Metrological department capable of giving us some accurate information?

Picture taken this morning at 10am from my office block on the 7th floor, just before the API reading

Last night the rains seemed to have momentarily cleared the pollution so I put on my shoes at 11pm and ran for 30 minutes, followed by some weight lifting and stomach exercises. I hope I get to run again today!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pacemakers Network Run 2006

This morning the Pacemakers once again organised a very fun and successful event. This time round it was the Pacemakers Network Run held at Lake Gardens KL featuring a 6 lap (13.8km) run for the men and 2 lap (4.6km) run for the women.

There were over 40 participants registered. Some volunteers including me had run the route a few days before the race. I had the privelage of flagging of the race since Rohaizad is still not back from Pakistan yet. Once the race was started just after 7.15am it was a mad dash with runners trying to find a comfortable pace so they could last the 6 laps.

I was in charge of the checkpoint for two categories... the mens 29 and below and the mens 35 to 39. The other volunteers working with me were Phyllis, SJ, Rachel and Tey. This was my first time being a volunteer and it was quite fun actually. I shall do it again perhaps in some events organised by Pacesetters in the future.

I had also setup my camera on a tripod and was multitasking by snapping photos while marking the number of laps each runner had finished. Despite the tripod many shots turned out blur since I hadn't really tried my camera in sports events or action shots before. I must learn how to use the sports mode and even try the manual modes since the model I use comes with full manual functions.

After the run, I was also privelaged to be selected to give away the medals and the trophies to the participants. Overall I must say it was a really successful event thanks to all the participants, volunteers and especially our dear captain Ronnie. I'm sure there will be many equally successful or even better events we can look forward to in the future! For more photos and race results visit der pacemakers site!

Group photo of all the runners, volunteers and family members

Group photo of all the volunteers

Wife and son woke up early today to join the action

Birthday celebration for the October pia kakis, from left Peter Goh, Ah Fook, Captain Ronnie and Dr Jamie

14-10-2006 Tempo Run

After getting my much needed rest yesterday and seeing the haze clear in the evening, I put on my Nikes and headed out for a quick workout. I wanted to do a tempo paced run but didn't plan on any specific distance or pace, I would just run according to how I felt. Surprisingly I felt much stronger than expected... sleep really makes a lot of difference.

Total distance: 1150m x 9 = 10.35km in 51m 17.58s

Split times: 6m 15.18s / 5m 34.40s / 5m 37.81s / 5m 37.44s / 5m 38.51s
5m 44.80s / 5m 45.38s / 5m 48.62s / 5m 15.44s

My training is finally paying off. My 10k split time was below 50min. With this run I've concluded that my New Balance 767 is really an under performing pair of shoe. It does not have much flexibility and almost feels like a piece of wood each time I land. I don't remember it being like that when I first bought it. Yesterday I had a really enjoyable and exhilarating run with my Nikes. For my next pair, I might choose to invest in either a pair of Mizuno or Saucony.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Much needed rest

I've not been getting enough sleep the past one week, with an average of 6 hours per day. Since the haze hadn't improved as our countries MET services promised, I told Tey that I wouldn't be joining them at Hartamas this morning and asked him to pass the message to the others.

Not having to wake up early I spent the night playing with a new Disney Kid's creative program I had downloaded onto my computer. I also finally took out my DV Video Cam which has been in storage for the past one year since we would be using it this weekend at the Network race.

I noticed there was some footage that was yet to be downloaded, so I copied that onto my pc and converted it into a SVCD which I later watched with Nick. It had some clips of his visits to Genting and also the Zoo last year. Now I remember why I had gotten tired of taking videos, the process of downloading and converting on a Windows based PC takes ages!

This morning, I woke up almost at 11am. Both wife and kid were still asleep... so I am not the biggest slob at home! Ahhh.. finally the body really feels rested. The cough mixture which I took last night must have really given me a good rest. My cough seems to be much better now. I shall continue taking the syrup for the next few days.

I'm looking forward to the PM's event tomorrow. I have a whole bunch of things to pack into my car including the medals, trophies, certificates, Gatorade, bananas, video camera... hmmm what else? Speaking about my car... I just realised today that my rear tyres are due for a change. It's going to cost another $300 at least... sigh! Everything is about $$$$$$ these days!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pacemaker's Network Volunteer Run

Ronnie messaged me in the textbox asking me when I was going to do my volunteer run. I was not very keen in doing it actually since I am not well and my body felt tired from the increased mileage. However upon Ronnie's insistence and since he volunteered to pace me for the last few laps I agreed.

I arrived at Lake Gardens early to avoid the traffic jam. The haze seemed to be clearing quite nicely and the weather was cool since it had rained earlier. In fact it was still drizzling slightly. By the time I started at 5:20pm the drizzle had almost stopped.

My first lap was quite difficult as my body felt stiff and my right knee felt slightly painful. By the second lap I was feeling better and had eased into a pace that felt comfortable. At the end of the third however I was starting to feel tired and slowed down.

Upon completing the third lap, Kenny and Ronnie were waiting for me. Captain asked Kenny to pace me into my fourth lap while he went to clear his bowels. It was quite fun running with Kenny since he keeps you entertained with his talking. Ron joined us towards the end of that lap.

In the last three laps, despite having Kenny and Ron with me, I was still running at my own pace with them trailing behind with encouraging words. Fatigue was starting to build up in the final lap and I had to force myself to pick up the pace in staggered parts of the track just to gain back some time.

When we had completed the loop round the lake in the 6th lap, I started to push harder and in the last few hundred metres gave it my all. By the end of it all I was totally busted and out of breath. I didn't feel like warming down but forced myself to walk another lap to relax the sore and tired muscles.

My split times... 12'33" / 12'23" / 12'57" / 12'33" / 12'23" / 11'55"

Total time for 13.8km = 1:14'45"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Training 10-10-2006

Today I am on Sick Leave (MC). My throat was quite sore yesterday but is better today. However my nose is congested with thick green phlegm. At 4pm, the haze had disappeared in Klang so I decided to run before the winds brought the smog back.

Warm up - 1150m x 2 - 2.3km
6m 15.99s / 6m 16.61s

1150m x 3 at 90% pace = 3450m
4m 43.98s / 4m 49.00s / 4m 53.45s

Warm down - 1150m
6m 55.25s

Total distance - 6.9km

This is my first attempt to try an interval session. With my nose being congested and the 4pm sun blazing, I guess it was as much as I could give. I had initially planned 5 repeats but I felt too tired after 3 repeats.

Perhaps my pace was too fast, my target pace was 5:20 for each 1150m repeat, but as usual I failed to pace myself. Nevertheless I've broken the barrier of getting into speedwork other than tempo runs.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lantern festival barbecue

My inlaws decided to have a barbecue in celebration of the lantern festival. It was a nice time of eating and relaxing again. After Saturday morning's LSD, the chicken wings, pork chops and lamb chops alongside the cold beer was really something I enjoyed.

Marathon over one weekend

I've only heard of runners running LSDs consecutively on Saturdays and Sundays. With the haze covering the country this week, I was desperate to log my planned training mileage one way or the other. By Friday, I had only covered 14k and was cracking my head on how I was going to cover the rest.

Saturday morning came and I was ecstatic when I looked out the window at 5am and saw that the haze had almost completely cleared in Port Klang. I messaged Tey and confirmed that I would be at Bukit Aman by 6am. As I left Klang, I realised that I should have just done my run here, because all the way from Shah Alam to KL visibility was getting worse.

Choi, Eugene, Geraldine, Tey, Chong Wah and Phyllis were all ready when I arrived. Since the air didn't smell too acidic, and the weather was really cooling, I decided to just enjoy the run. Once again I paced with Tey both to and back from Hartamas. The first half was run very briskly and we reached Hartamas in 57 minutes. Total time clocked for 21k was 2hrs 9mins.

Today I decided to join Albert, Lim and Ms Leong for another LSD using the Klang-Shah Alam route. Since my body hadn't fully recovered from yesterday's run, I was running at a very easy pace. The skies were clear when we started but the haze started to show its signs when we had reached Shah Alam. As we were reaching the Klang Stadium, we could see that the winds were slowly bring the smog back.

By the 13th kilometer, my body was really starting to show signs of fatigue. I just continued to push on for the balance 8k. Total time taken to cover 21k was 2hrs 19mins. Total mileage covered for the week is 56k. I might have overdone it a little bit, but hopefully once I'm fully recovered the body will be stronger.

I was speaking to a doctor at church today and when he shared the effects the haze can have to our health, I've decided against running outdoors when the haze is anything more than a mild smog. I'm starting to feel a sore throat coming and my nose is feeling a little runny. I've not had a cold in almost a year, so it could be both the haze and the extreme mileage I put in over this weekend which has reduced my body's resistance.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What future?

I was just reading the following article in the STAR today and it really sends a chill down my spine. The world's powers and governments of both developed and developing countries are spending billions of dollars yearly on so called improving the lives of their citizens and people of the world. With our focus on technological and infrastructural development which is meant to give us better lifestyles, we don't seem to mind risking some of the more basic but absolutely essential things for the survival of human kind...

Get ready for freak weather, world's polluters told

By Catherine Bremer

MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) - The world's top polluting nations were told on Wednesday to prepare for decades of weather turmoil, even if they act now to curb emissions and pursue green energy sources.

Environment and energy ministers meeting in the Mexican city of Monterrey vowed to work faster to control global warming as scientists told them each year wasted in curbing greenhouse gas emissions would cost them dearly.

Yet even if countries froze emission levels tomorrow, the world still faces 30 years of floods, heatwaves, hurricanes and coastal erosion, the British government's chief scientific advisor David King, said.

King - who considers global warming a bigger threat than terrorism - said rich nations must help the developing world prepare for a weather shift that could put millions of lives at risk.

"We've got 30 years of climate change ahead of us even if we stop right now. Were persuading countries they have to adapt to the changes that are ahead of them," King told Reuters at the meeting of top greenhouse gas emitting countries.

"Because we've raised the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere so quickly, the earth's climate system is falling behind. This is way in excess of anything the planet has known, probably for 45 million years," he said.

Among countries who sent ministers to Monterrey were China and India, whose ballooning demand for energy has made them some of the worst polluters after the United States, which pumps out a quarter of the world's greenhouse gases.

The United States, which could face fiercer hurricanes as sea temperatures rise, sent a senior official, but U.S. officials did not brief the press.

Already, a roughly 1 degree Celsius temperature rise over the past century has allowed icy Greenland to start growing barley, and farmers in Spain are battling arid conditions.

"The people in denial now are the equivalent of the Flat Earth Society," British Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks told Reuters in an interview. "Humankind is in a race for life against global warming."

Delegates discussed energy efficiency, conservation and how to fund initiatives like storing the carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants deep underground.

But it is likely to be at least the end of the decade before most projects can get off the ground.
"Time is running out, and the size of the challenge is enormous," Mexican Environment Minister Jose Luis Luege said.

Developing countries at the talks - including South Africa, Brazil and Mexico - were told to adapt for possible floods, droughts, storms and a surge in tropical diseases like malaria.

We can see these things happening right here in our country, with rise in the average temperatures and constant flooding. Now the problem with the constant haze has become a very big threat to the health of Malaysians throughout the nation. I once wrote in to the STAR sometime last year and remember mentioning that it's pointless for mega housing developers to focus selling the concept of botanical gardens and beautiful parks when we can't even step out of our homes without risking our health.

I really wonder what the long term effects this haze phenomenon is going to have on our health and children's health. Will there be a rise in cancer cases and heart and respiratory related problems over the next few years. It's been almost 10 years now since this problem was first seen, I wonder if the government has any statistical information about this type of thing. At the back of my mind, I keep wondering if our lives are being shortened not just by years but perhaps even a decade or two?

In the last few days I have been feeling very depressed as I had to stop myself from running outdoors. I felt like a prisoner in this world! I had to instead try to get some exercise indoors using my stepper and some free weights to compensate. This morning when I saw the sky was clear in Klang, I couldn't resist just putting on my shoes and running for 45 minutes before going to work. I was afraid that the dreaded haze will return by evening and sure enough as I type this I can see that the gloom has returned and the smog is everywhere!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Another week gone

It seems like week after week just seems to pass very quickly these days. Last week I managed to accumulate another 46km into my mileage bank. Almost half the mileage was done at tempo pace which helped wake up my normally lethargic body.

Saturday morning's weather was really cooling with a slight drizzle. Choi, Tey, Jason, Lynn and Ronnie turned up for the morning run to Hartamas. Tey paced with me throughout the run. It was really fun to have someone to talk to in contrast to my mundane daily solo runs.

We covered 21k in about 2h12m. This time I didn't feel tired, it must have either been the cool weather or my endurance is already increasing. I really wish we could get such weather in some of our races, especially if I am going the full distance (42.195k).

Yesterday I went for my swim again at the Matsushita pool. Managed to increase from 30laps to 40laps this time. I feel myself getting more confident and relaxed in the water. My muscles were slightly sore afterwards but it did feel good. Peter and Ms Chee were able to join us this time.