Saturday, October 14, 2006

Much needed rest

I've not been getting enough sleep the past one week, with an average of 6 hours per day. Since the haze hadn't improved as our countries MET services promised, I told Tey that I wouldn't be joining them at Hartamas this morning and asked him to pass the message to the others.

Not having to wake up early I spent the night playing with a new Disney Kid's creative program I had downloaded onto my computer. I also finally took out my DV Video Cam which has been in storage for the past one year since we would be using it this weekend at the Network race.

I noticed there was some footage that was yet to be downloaded, so I copied that onto my pc and converted it into a SVCD which I later watched with Nick. It had some clips of his visits to Genting and also the Zoo last year. Now I remember why I had gotten tired of taking videos, the process of downloading and converting on a Windows based PC takes ages!

This morning, I woke up almost at 11am. Both wife and kid were still asleep... so I am not the biggest slob at home! Ahhh.. finally the body really feels rested. The cough mixture which I took last night must have really given me a good rest. My cough seems to be much better now. I shall continue taking the syrup for the next few days.

I'm looking forward to the PM's event tomorrow. I have a whole bunch of things to pack into my car including the medals, trophies, certificates, Gatorade, bananas, video camera... hmmm what else? Speaking about my car... I just realised today that my rear tyres are due for a change. It's going to cost another $300 at least... sigh! Everything is about $$$$$$ these days!

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