Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lantern festival barbecue

My inlaws decided to have a barbecue in celebration of the lantern festival. It was a nice time of eating and relaxing again. After Saturday morning's LSD, the chicken wings, pork chops and lamb chops alongside the cold beer was really something I enjoyed.


CHLow said...


Friend so jealous lah see your photo, really lost so much weight lah. All your hard training can really see from your photo, so much difference. (envy)

I hate this haze too, both my sons (asthmatic) just can't seem to recover from their cough, with exam just around the corner.

As for my training progress, the longest run i ran during the weekend is about 15k, just can't seem to go further then that. Hope to be able to run at least a few runs more then 18k before the actual run. With this haze not much running can be done.

Carboman said...

woi! u contributed to the haze oso ah?

Newton said... them...

Dinesh said...

chlow... actually I put on a couple of kg in the last one month, but it seems to be muscle mass rather than fats because my waistline is the same or actually half an inch less.

Yes this haze is getting to many people. Sorry to hear about your sons. Some ppl say that running really helps asthmatic patients? Perhaps when the time is right they can join their dad for some fun runs to begin with.

Dinesh said...

Jamie... where got lah... grrrr. Newton... next round I shall organise one and you will be invited.. but don't know when lah.. hehe