Sunday, October 15, 2006

14-10-2006 Tempo Run

After getting my much needed rest yesterday and seeing the haze clear in the evening, I put on my Nikes and headed out for a quick workout. I wanted to do a tempo paced run but didn't plan on any specific distance or pace, I would just run according to how I felt. Surprisingly I felt much stronger than expected... sleep really makes a lot of difference.

Total distance: 1150m x 9 = 10.35km in 51m 17.58s

Split times: 6m 15.18s / 5m 34.40s / 5m 37.81s / 5m 37.44s / 5m 38.51s
5m 44.80s / 5m 45.38s / 5m 48.62s / 5m 15.44s

My training is finally paying off. My 10k split time was below 50min. With this run I've concluded that my New Balance 767 is really an under performing pair of shoe. It does not have much flexibility and almost feels like a piece of wood each time I land. I don't remember it being like that when I first bought it. Yesterday I had a really enjoyable and exhilarating run with my Nikes. For my next pair, I might choose to invest in either a pair of Mizuno or Saucony.


fook said...

very good timing :)
improvement come with hardwork!

C-CUBE said...

DK, u are doing good in ur split. Check out the Saucony and see whether it fits you. I am not going to sell you something that doesnt fit what u r looking for. The Saucony had 2 models that is for neutral runners like you with good cushioning and stability. On the other hand, Mizuno is also a good brand too. Check it out as well. More importantly it fits you.