Thursday, October 19, 2006


The question we ask now is not "Is there haze?" but rather "It doesn't look too bad right?? Can run lah... what do you think ah??" We have been degraded to that level where we no longer have a choice. Yesterday evening I was so surprised that even Captain Lim who would usually not run in the haze turned up. Only Albert came after we had finished running.

Peter Goh aka Desperado 1 - 9 laps (10.4k)

CB Leow aka Desperado 2 - 12 laps (14k)

Yours truly aka Desperado 3 - 8 laps (9.3k)

Scorcorn Lee aka Desperado 4 - 11 laps (12.8k)

Captain Lim aka Desperado 5 - 7 laps (8.1k)

Albert (with his son), the only sane person who joined us only for makan!

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PACM.KLANG said...


very impressive , pictures tells a thousand words.......all very happy ..makan