Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Training 10-10-2006

Today I am on Sick Leave (MC). My throat was quite sore yesterday but is better today. However my nose is congested with thick green phlegm. At 4pm, the haze had disappeared in Klang so I decided to run before the winds brought the smog back.

Warm up - 1150m x 2 - 2.3km
6m 15.99s / 6m 16.61s

1150m x 3 at 90% pace = 3450m
4m 43.98s / 4m 49.00s / 4m 53.45s

Warm down - 1150m
6m 55.25s

Total distance - 6.9km

This is my first attempt to try an interval session. With my nose being congested and the 4pm sun blazing, I guess it was as much as I could give. I had initially planned 5 repeats but I felt too tired after 3 repeats.

Perhaps my pace was too fast, my target pace was 5:20 for each 1150m repeat, but as usual I failed to pace myself. Nevertheless I've broken the barrier of getting into speedwork other than tempo runs.

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