Sunday, October 08, 2006

Marathon over one weekend

I've only heard of runners running LSDs consecutively on Saturdays and Sundays. With the haze covering the country this week, I was desperate to log my planned training mileage one way or the other. By Friday, I had only covered 14k and was cracking my head on how I was going to cover the rest.

Saturday morning came and I was ecstatic when I looked out the window at 5am and saw that the haze had almost completely cleared in Port Klang. I messaged Tey and confirmed that I would be at Bukit Aman by 6am. As I left Klang, I realised that I should have just done my run here, because all the way from Shah Alam to KL visibility was getting worse.

Choi, Eugene, Geraldine, Tey, Chong Wah and Phyllis were all ready when I arrived. Since the air didn't smell too acidic, and the weather was really cooling, I decided to just enjoy the run. Once again I paced with Tey both to and back from Hartamas. The first half was run very briskly and we reached Hartamas in 57 minutes. Total time clocked for 21k was 2hrs 9mins.

Today I decided to join Albert, Lim and Ms Leong for another LSD using the Klang-Shah Alam route. Since my body hadn't fully recovered from yesterday's run, I was running at a very easy pace. The skies were clear when we started but the haze started to show its signs when we had reached Shah Alam. As we were reaching the Klang Stadium, we could see that the winds were slowly bring the smog back.

By the 13th kilometer, my body was really starting to show signs of fatigue. I just continued to push on for the balance 8k. Total time taken to cover 21k was 2hrs 19mins. Total mileage covered for the week is 56k. I might have overdone it a little bit, but hopefully once I'm fully recovered the body will be stronger.

I was speaking to a doctor at church today and when he shared the effects the haze can have to our health, I've decided against running outdoors when the haze is anything more than a mild smog. I'm starting to feel a sore throat coming and my nose is feeling a little runny. I've not had a cold in almost a year, so it could be both the haze and the extreme mileage I put in over this weekend which has reduced my body's resistance.


Tey said...


Wah,good man...but future may consider the haze don't affect u health oh...!!

Glad u can cover the two half two days !

Lai said...

One of the most hardcore runner in pm group.
Well done and really respect your strong determination!

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