Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pacemaker's Network Volunteer Run

Ronnie messaged me in the textbox asking me when I was going to do my volunteer run. I was not very keen in doing it actually since I am not well and my body felt tired from the increased mileage. However upon Ronnie's insistence and since he volunteered to pace me for the last few laps I agreed.

I arrived at Lake Gardens early to avoid the traffic jam. The haze seemed to be clearing quite nicely and the weather was cool since it had rained earlier. In fact it was still drizzling slightly. By the time I started at 5:20pm the drizzle had almost stopped.

My first lap was quite difficult as my body felt stiff and my right knee felt slightly painful. By the second lap I was feeling better and had eased into a pace that felt comfortable. At the end of the third however I was starting to feel tired and slowed down.

Upon completing the third lap, Kenny and Ronnie were waiting for me. Captain asked Kenny to pace me into my fourth lap while he went to clear his bowels. It was quite fun running with Kenny since he keeps you entertained with his talking. Ron joined us towards the end of that lap.

In the last three laps, despite having Kenny and Ron with me, I was still running at my own pace with them trailing behind with encouraging words. Fatigue was starting to build up in the final lap and I had to force myself to pick up the pace in staggered parts of the track just to gain back some time.

When we had completed the loop round the lake in the 6th lap, I started to push harder and in the last few hundred metres gave it my all. By the end of it all I was totally busted and out of breath. I didn't feel like warming down but forced myself to walk another lap to relax the sore and tired muscles.

My split times... 12'33" / 12'23" / 12'57" / 12'33" / 12'23" / 11'55"

Total time for 13.8km = 1:14'45"


fook said...

DK, u doin very well, encourage me very much! and u lose weight, your face look skinner wo... all the best ya!

Boon Haw said...

You did well DK. Keep up the good work. Your training is finally paying back.