Monday, October 31, 2005

Family Introduced

Before we get into the running posts, let me first briefly introduce my family to you. I'll begin by saying that I am happily married and my wife and I are blessed with a son who will be turning 2 on Dec 1st. My Son's birth name is Nicholas Preston Dinesh and at home he's called 'Nick'.

My wife (Chiew Chin) is a 'banker' and is currently attached to EON bank. She has been with EON for 10 years and is now based in the Klang retail centre where she is involved in marketing and processing home loans and insurances.

As for me, I'm from the IT industry. I'm currently attached to an organisation called Customer Feedback Systems located in The AmpWalk, Jln Ampang (more about what I do another time).

Nicholas on the Merry-Go-Round in Genting

Family picture taken in Genting, Sept 2005


Hello and welcome to my blog. In the past few months, I've been really inspired by the many "running blogs" that I've been reading regularly and have finally decided to have my own blog.

I believe that this might be a good way for me to keep record of the many different events which happen in my life and to be able to look back in the months or years to come and reflect on them.

For those of you reading, this blog would mainly be dedicated to my daily and weekly running activities and also any interesting updates with my family and friends.