Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pacemakers Network Run 2006

This morning the Pacemakers once again organised a very fun and successful event. This time round it was the Pacemakers Network Run held at Lake Gardens KL featuring a 6 lap (13.8km) run for the men and 2 lap (4.6km) run for the women.

There were over 40 participants registered. Some volunteers including me had run the route a few days before the race. I had the privelage of flagging of the race since Rohaizad is still not back from Pakistan yet. Once the race was started just after 7.15am it was a mad dash with runners trying to find a comfortable pace so they could last the 6 laps.

I was in charge of the checkpoint for two categories... the mens 29 and below and the mens 35 to 39. The other volunteers working with me were Phyllis, SJ, Rachel and Tey. This was my first time being a volunteer and it was quite fun actually. I shall do it again perhaps in some events organised by Pacesetters in the future.

I had also setup my camera on a tripod and was multitasking by snapping photos while marking the number of laps each runner had finished. Despite the tripod many shots turned out blur since I hadn't really tried my camera in sports events or action shots before. I must learn how to use the sports mode and even try the manual modes since the model I use comes with full manual functions.

After the run, I was also privelaged to be selected to give away the medals and the trophies to the participants. Overall I must say it was a really successful event thanks to all the participants, volunteers and especially our dear captain Ronnie. I'm sure there will be many equally successful or even better events we can look forward to in the future! For more photos and race results visit der pacemakers site!

Group photo of all the runners, volunteers and family members

Group photo of all the volunteers

Wife and son woke up early today to join the action

Birthday celebration for the October pia kakis, from left Peter Goh, Ah Fook, Captain Ronnie and Dr Jamie

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