Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Der DK way

I've never really been any good at pacing when I run in races or even in my tempo training runs. My first lap or first kilometre or so will see me really pushing the pace before I start to slow down and try to average out my pace. This is what I call der DK way.

Anyway this monday the same thing happenned at the KLCC track. I was planning a 8 lap tempo run in under 58 minutes. This would have required me to average a 7:15 pace per lap. My target was to start at 7:30 and slowly increase the pace by 5 secs per lap.

In the end I started too fast and clocked 6:43 in my first lap and didn't do enough to reduce the pace on the second, clocking 7:07. By then I was already tiring so what to do... but switch the plan to complete a 5 lapper. Just maintained my pace for the 3rd lap and picked up the pace on the last two to clock a personal best time of 34:43.

Yesterday I couldn't make it to KLCC as I got a last minute overseas phone call. By the time I left the office it was 7:30pm. My wife was waiting to go out for dinner when I got home, but I just had to clock some mileage or risk feeling 'empty'... so I decided on a 3 lap tempo run.

I started with a really strong pace and didn't know if I would be able to hold such a pace for the 3.4k. At the end of the first lap, my split time was 5:07. I decided to slow down a little on the second to reserve energy so I could really push on the last lap. Second lap split time was 5:23 and I had recovered a bit of wind by then.

My target was to average a 4.5min pace per kilometer, so I knew that I had to really push in the last lap. Both legs were already starting to feel the lactic build up but I kept on pushing a hard pace. With just 300m to go, I turned on my finishing kick all the way. Total time clocked for 3.4km was 15:30.20. Average pace per kilometer is 4:33, still slightly below my target.


Boon Haw said...

Hi DK, good work! Keep Up!

Dinesh said...

Boon Haw, thanks for the constant encouragement. I still have that email you sent the few of us where you say you put in long runs even midweek. Your training really seems to have been working for you as I've seen tremendous improvement in your race timings.