Monday, February 27, 2006

Just trying to maintain fitness

Last week was a super low mileage week with just two runs... one on Thursday (8k) and one yesterday (10k). My foot seems to be 100% cured which is a good thing, so all the rest I put in has really paid off.

I maintained a sub 6 min pace in yesterdays training just to ensure that I keep most of my aerobic fitness. It did feel like there was a loss of some fitness but overall I think I will be fine on marathon day as my target pace is 7 minutes slower per 10k, compared to yesterdays pace.

Just so summarise this Sunday's race plan, I hope to run my first 30k inside 3h20min. I will be carrying a bottle of Gatorade in the first 10k in my hand to prevent stopping at the initial water stations.

I will also be carrying a small pouch with 2 powergels, a pair of socks, a packet of rehydrating salts, some analgesic cream and my sunglasses. I did carry that pouch in my GE 30K race and I found it quite manageable.

I plan to take my first Gel at the 12.5k mark, the second gel at the 25k mark and the rehydrating salts at the 32k mark. I dont know if this might be overdoing it but I would rather be safe than sorry.

This week's planned runs are just 40 minute runs today, tomorrow and Wednesday at a slightly quicker than marathon pace. This should keep my muscles warm and ready for the race. I must review the carbo loading advice from Bob Glover today.


Tey said...


If can,may be 25km will jia lat liao...please prepare the rehydrating salt at every 5km after 25km.

Cause U-TURN at Dataran merdeka,hot liao...take care !!

May be prepare more.

krunner said...

DK: The general rule from sports research for exercises more than 1.5 hr is to take 25g carbo every 1 run hour. So I suggest you take the Pgels at 10 km, 20 km and 30 km and 35 km. (carry 3 gels). That is my plan if I run.See this website

Dinesh said...

Thanks Tey and Haizad, in that case I will prepare more gels and rehydrating salts.

CHLow said...


Can someone like me that is new to the running scene get some useful tips from 'expert' like you guys. Firstly what is powergel and where can it be bought. Hope one of you expert can enlighten me on this powergel.

Dinesh said...

CHLow, powergel is concentrated carbs for fast fuel. The longer we run the more muscle glycogen we use up, so this will help to replenish your energy levels and "hopefully" prevent the cramps from coming in. They have many flavours which can be bought. Visit for more info. Are you running the 21k or 42k this coming Sunday?

CHLow said...


Thanks for your info. Just to clarify, we cannot get that product locally. I have sign up for the 21k, it will be my first 21km. I share many similarities with you and i get alot of inspiration from reading your blog. Don't get me wrong when i say similarities, i can't run as far or as fast as you. Don't know if i can call it running for myself, i think very slow jog would be a better word. I am very much older (45 years old). When i say similarities i mean i am on the 'heavy' side 78kg. MY weight have always been a problem to me. I perspire alot just like what you highlighted in your blog. By the 9km mark my shoes and socks will be soak with my sweat. When i increase my mileage to prepare for this 21km run i had blue black toe nails and blisters all over. My thighs were bruised due to friction. I respect you at your improvement in such a short period of time. I used to run in a few 10km road races when i was very much younger but i stop after that and i only started to run in a few 10km road races last year. I always harbour a dream of running at least a 21km once but never had the guts to try it. I force myself to sign up for this run to motivate myself to give it a try (i was motivated to try after reading about you), if i don't sign up i know i will never do it. Guess the first time is always the hardest. Aiman (PM24) gave me some advice some time back and i follow his suggestion (running about 10km 3 times a week should enable me to finish the run in about 2hr 30 mins) but sad to say i still don't feel confident i can finish 21km this Sunday. I am prone to cramps and i fear suffering from a bout of severe cramp. I did not run many long runs. In fact i did only 3 long runs (for me this are really long runs), a 12km,14km and 16.4km. Think i never recovered from this long runs, even though did not do much running this week my legs are still so tired. Before i started increasing my mileage to train for this run my evening runs were normally about 20 mins to 30 mins 4 to 5 times a week and i have never ran further then 10km. I thought of running this Sunday and if i managed to complete to thank you later for inspiring me and Aiman for his encouraging write up, but i think i take this opportunity to thank you guys anyway whether i complete the run or not. I think my perspiring is the cause of my cramps. When i ran the 16km training run i did not suffer any cramps eventhough i was struggling, maybe because i bought many drinks from petrol stations along the way. (learn about this buying drinks from petrol station after reading this blog). I still don't know how i am going to get enough of drinks for this sunday run. The 3 drink stations are definitely not enough for me. I learn of many things related to running from you guys eventhough i am not a good runner. Thanks for all the information. Hope you will have a good run this Sunday as for me to complete it would be a satisfying achievement and hopefully many more 21km to come.

Dinesh said...

Dear Low,

I'm glad that I've been an inspiration to you through my simple write ups in this blog. I never thought I could be, being so new to running.. thank you :)

Yes I agree that since we perspire a lot, we need to replenish our body fluids more frequently when compared to other runners. Tey (pm22) has inspired me as well by assuring me that there are many runners out there who have the same kind of problem with excessive perspiring.

The powergels can be bought locally as there are distributors who sell them. They can also be bought from the Pacesetter club, I believe on Sundays at Bukit Aman or from certain individuals. If you need them I can arrange for you to buy some. We get them at a discounted price of about RM4 per powergel pack.

I hope you have managed to solve your friction problem by using some form of lubrication/petroleum jelly? Since the first day I started using lubrication, I've never had friction problems even on my 30k runs.

The toe problems seem to be here to stay though.. haha. Now even my left foot's toes are faced with the same dillema. Oh yes, you should use a tissue and lube between your toes as well since we sweat a lot.

I've not managed to solve my socks being soaked problem yet, so I'm almost very sure it is going to haunt me this Sunday. I am carrying a small pouch though with my powergels, rehydrating salts or 'lau sai salts' (which can be bought from the pharmacy) and a pair of socks. Everything must be wrapped in plastic before being placed in the pouch.

I believe there are drink stations every 2.5k after the 5k mark. The 5, 10 and 15k stations would have isotonics, and the 7.5, 12.5 and 17.5k stations would be sponging stations with plain water. At least this is what the information pack I collected seems to say.

If you want to carry a powergel this Sunday, perhaps I can arrange for Ronnie (PM1) or someone who is running the 21k to meet you and pass one to you? Could you share your mobile number with us.

Here's wishing you all the best in your maiden 21k and I know you can do it man! Take it easy and enjoy the run as thats the most important thing. You may also make new friends while on the go ;)

Tey said...


Don't think many negatif,let me know when u meet me next race,or KLIM,do you know me kah ?

I can sharing my past painfull experience,start from ZERO too.Don't worry,I always cramp in PJ half also,but still can run and walk to finish the race in qualifying time 2:15,cause train alone and think negatif too,gave up sometime too,didn't went to run.May be u can join in group training,all running friends are kindly ppls,can inspire u too.

Don't care what is your results this coming sunday KLIM half,Once u brave to stand on starting line,I salute u spirit,just try to enjoy,even if u hv to finish after 2h30m.One tip and advice is NEVER SAID QUIT before the finishing line !!

Hope face to face chat with you,I think u will no feel so negatif thinking,cause like to sharing running experience lah..haha !!

About u condition and problem what u face now.Ok...let me explain to you.

U main problem is less mileage,u need displine from daily training,try to run atleast 30minutes even no race.Then weekend may be can add to 10k or 15k.

Once u have enough mileage,I believe u can solve much of the cramp problem.Except u want challenge FULL.Then u need to train more as DK now.

About socks wet after 8k or 10k problem,pls try to wear with dry fit or coolmax,either thin or thick one.

Isotonic drink.U may can consider carry pouch,if u worry.Or may be I can pass to you plum powder,if u want,it may help u to solve some pain of cramp.But pls meet me early oh...cause me run FULL.

Hope to meet u soon in one day.

Run happy and enjoy it,keep away any negatif thinking.

I have painfull experience as cramp very bad,even ambullance also ask me GAVE UP in my first FULL MARATHON during answer was NO....NO...!!

Really hope can inspiring some...hv a nice race and enjoy in KLIM half !!

Tey said...
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CHLow said...


Thanks again for all the offer of help and advice. I did not know that they are having so many drink stations (every 2.5km after the 5km). I thought that there would only be a total of 3 drinking stations. In that case i think there are more then enough drink stations. As for the offer of powergel thanks but i think i would stick to what i am familiar with for this run. For the many more suggestion i would experiment in future but for now better stick to basics. The idea of changing socks half way don't appeal to me for now. I noticed if i were to stop and be idle to change the socks chances are i will get cramps. So for now will have to bear with the discomfort.

Tey, thanks for all the encouragement. I agree totally with you about having negative thoughts when you run alone. Its very difficult to motivate yourself when you do all your running alone. Unfortunately i don't have any friend that are interested in running. In fact my friends said i am mad when they heard that i am running 21km. I tried to get my sons to be interested in running but they too show no interest. Never thought about joining any running group as i don't think i can keep up with the slowest runner in the group. If i happen to see anyone of you after the run i will introduce myself. (hopefully i can still be standing to introduce myself ha! ha!)

Tey said...


Nice to meet u at KLIM.Pls do keep in touch with us...!!

Hope to see u more in future race !!

Anonymous said...

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