Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sudden progress

Little Nick has suddenly started talking non-stop from morning till night. It started a few months back with him repeating what he hears people saying, but now he can participate in full conversations and it can be quite fun.

He enjoys reading and learning new things. He has learnt almost half the alphabets and has even started counting. It's been a month since he has started going to Sunday School and he seems to enjoy his class but not the singing.

He spends less time watching Barney, The-Wheels-On-The-Bus and Sesame Street now, but would rather spend time reading his books and playing with his toys which is good. It amazes me how he even learnt by himself how to play pretense like setting up his own house or office. He will ride his bicycle or drive his car and park it outside his pretense office, and then he would go into his 'office' and do what he calls as 'work'