Thursday, February 09, 2006

Running with the gang

Yesterday Peter, Lim, Lee and Ajeep turned up to run. Albert dropped by before we began just to say hi to everyone. Everybody ran at their own pace, while Lee decided on some brisk walking. I started my first lap with Ajeep and Peter. Ajeep stopped to stretch after the first lap so I continued on with Peter, but halfway through the second lap he was already picking up pace so I decided to maintain my pacing as there was another 7 laps for me to run.

I saw that Lim and Ajeep had stopped after 4 to 5 laps, and Peter after the 6th lap. On my next three laps I had some cheerleaders everytime I passed the main courtyard. Peter decided to join me in my final lap and this gave me some renewed strength to give a little push in that lap. Total distance - 10.5k (9 laps), Appx time - 68m. I am glad that so far I've been sticking to my training schedule for the week.


Tey said...

Peter is senior marathon runner and friendly...sure u can gain a lot of experience from him.

Read u training log liao.Can't wait to know u debut marathon performance,just keep patient and not so excited,relax n enjoy u first full in your life !!

I believe u family ,wife and son will be proud with your debut at finishing point ! This sure will motivate u to run more spirit !!


Anonymous said...

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