Sunday, February 12, 2006

3rd Circuit Run

I just don’t seem to have much luck with the circuit runs. In the second circuit run, I had a calf injury along with a nasty fall. Yesterday the weather was great and I thought it would be a really good day, but it turned out otherwise.

Firstly my plan to try out the pouch Tey had brought along in my run was a disaster as the pouch was just too big and was bouncing just too much while I ran. I was forced to ditch it after the first few hundred metres.

I was running well for the first 4 laps and my pace was quite comfortable. My split time was under 54 minutes at the end of lap 4 before my first water stop. Despite the cool weather, my socks failed me once again and were soaked through once I had stopped. I think perhaps the humidity level might have been higher than realized.

As I continued, a slight pain started to develop on my left foot, along the left part of the arch. I have had this kind of pains before while running with my Pegasus as the shoe is extremely soft, however it did not happen in my last 3 long runs so I was a bit surprised this time.

By the 6th lap the pain was becoming worse but tolerable. I was forced to start slowing the pace a little. On my 10th lap the pain was quite severe and I stopped to walk. Here I realized that I might have pushed it too much, as every step was very painful even with minimum pressure put on the foot.

I decided to call it quits and stopped after completing lap 10. This is really disappointing as these two weeks are supposed to see me peaking in my training. I knew that this injury would not last long, and that I should be fine to run again by Monday, but not being able to put in the planned mileage for the week was a little troubling. Today I can’t feel any pain unless I press hard on the spot, so I should be back on the road tomorrow.