Sunday, March 05, 2006

KL Marathon 2006 – Part 1

I just cannot sleep no matter how hard I try to. I’ve been sleeping and resting as much as I could this week as I had a feeling this might happen the night before the race. Most of the days I’ve managed to get my 8 hours of sleep and yesterday (Saturday) afternoon I got another 3 hours of sleep.

So here I sit in front of the computer logging the hours before I get into the starting line up of my first marathon. The time is almost 2am now, I’ve just cleared my bowels… the prunes really did help hah! I’m gonna go down and make myself a peanut butter sandwich now and then start the process of getting ready i.e. lube the body, plaster the nipples etc.

I am feeling totally relaxed now. The plan is to take it easy and enjoy the race. I’ve packed my small pouch with 2 powergels, 2 small plastic medicine bottles with premixed rehydration salts, some of the plum powder from Tey, my clip on sunglasses and a pair of extra socks. I’ve prepared a bottle of concentrated endurox to be carried in my hand for the first 10k. So let the race begin…this report shall be continued later!