Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A tiring couple of days

Monday was really a long day, however I enjoyed spending the day out alone with my wife as this is a rare occasion. We had decided to visit Ikea but first I had some delayed banking tasks to complete. After leaving Nick with my mother in law, we moved from the post office to RHB to Maybank and finally UOB. I must seriously consider having all my accounts and loan facilities with a single bank.

By the time we reached Ikea it was 1pm. We weren't there to buy anything in paticular so we just spend the time walking and admiring the showhouses with its deco. Had a quick snack at the cafe before heading over to The Curve as I wanted to visit the Brooks outlet. By the end of the day I had picked up 2 pairs of running vests & 2 pairs of shorts from Brooks, and had also bought myself some new pants from the Orlando boutique, since I can't fit into any of my old ones any longer.

We decided to splurge a little for dinner and have some Japanase at a restaurant called 'Sushi Sakae'. I was really impressed with their ordering system, where each table has a big LCD screen from which you can browse their food menu, make selections and have your orders sent straight to the kitchen. This of course was besides the selection of Sushi which was already on the belt.The food was quite good, service was fast and price was not overly expensive. I will definitely come back again if I am in the area.

Yesterday I finally made a return to the gym after a lapse of almost 2 weeks. Btw, traffic is back to normal again in KL. As I left work and headed towards my gym which is located in Summit USJ, I was stuck in the normal slow moving traffic right from outside the US Embassy on Jln Tun Razak all the way to the Kuchai Lama turn-off on the Seremban-Sg Besi highway.

The gym was more crowded than usual. People must be trying to lose all those extra holiday pounds. I decided to do a quick workout on the treadmill before hitting the resistance training area. Managed a 1k warmup at 9km/h pace and another 4k tempo run at 11.5km/h pace. Final time for 5k was 27m32s. After the workout I realised that I am starting to dislike running on the treadmill more and more.

Moved on to the trebistretch bike followed by stomach crunches, free weights for the arms and love handles and finally the resistance machines for my legs, back and shoulders. Hit the showers at 9pm and was home by 9.45pm. I had picked up some bananas and milk on the way home. Mixed some protein powder in the milk, squashed in 3 bananas and gulped it down as my dinner... yummie!