Thursday, November 03, 2005

The beginnings of a cold

In the past few months, I’ve been faced with constant pressure build up in the ears, which leads to severe discomfort and headaches. I tried without success to identify the cause of it. I reached a point where I even thought it might be caused by the extensive running I was doing. Visits to the doctor were of no help either as the problem persisted.

It was only last Sunday that I realized what the possible cause could be… the Pharmaton multi-vitamin tablets that I have been consuming over the last 5 months. Having remembered that members of my mother’s family became seriously ill after consuming this brand of vitamins, I decided to put my theory to the test.

Miraculously, the day I stopped consuming the capsules I felt much better. It has been 4 days now and I’ve not had a single incident of ear pressure build up and I feel much better throughout the day. I’m glad to have found the root of my problem, but I still have more than half a bottle of this ‘very expensive’ vitamins sitting on my dresser.

The only setback is, I realize that without multi-vitamins I am now more susceptible to falling ill. This has become evident as in just few days I have caught the flu bug from my son, something that I was able to avoid while on the multi vitamins. I am trying desperately to recover quickly by taking in as much vitamin-c as possible and getting plenty of rest (minus the running of course).

I now need to decide on an alternate brand of multi-vitamins to take. Perhaps the pharmacist would be able to show me what options are available. I would also appreciate any advice from fellow runners based on your experiences. The throat is starting to feel really dry, must remember to drink more water today. I think I will do some preventive treatment for the throat with salt water gargling.


Tey said...


Nice to hear got new Klang runner gang....!!

Keep running oh....!!


Dinesh said...

Hi Tey, I've heard a lot about you as well. We have met briefly at the Putrajaya and PJ Half races. Btw, thanks for taking my photo.

Anonymous said...

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