Monday, November 21, 2005

Niece's 3rd Birthday

Last Saturday was my niece’s third birthday. We had a small celebration for her with just the family members. It was a nice time of feasting and chatting for the adults, and the kids enjoyed themselves playing. As usual I ate more than I should have!

Nicholas second birthday is in 10 days (Dec 1st). My third wedding anniversary is in 9 days (30th Nov). We still have not planned what to do for Nick’s birthday. I will be on leave for one week from 28th Nov. I think we will most likely have a small celebration at home with the family.

Birthday girl Ashley with her favourite cousin Nicholas

Picture of Ashley and Nicholas, taken 18 months ago… how they have grown since then!

Some leftovers of the delicious food prepared by my mother in law

Nicholas enjoying some adult conversation at the dinner table

Nicholas in his PJs ready for bed… or is he?