Monday, November 28, 2005

KLIM preparation

I was thinking about it over the last few days, and realised that KLIM is not too far away. Most people have adviced me to try running the half marathon at the upcoming KLIM and to perhaps look at running the full marathon in Singapore next year, since the training involved for the Full marathon is a lot more than one would care to think it is.

Having run two long runs of approximately 20k to 21k each recently, both with comfortable pacing and average timings of below 2:15, I find that I prefer running long distances at a slower pace, over racing 10k at a much faster pace.

Most recommended marathon training programs involve a training schedule of 16 weeks prior to the targetted race. Since the estimated date for KLIM 06' is somewhere in March, this leaves us with less than 16 weeks to prepare for the race. I was looking over my mileage log for the last 8 weeks, and it shows that I have been averaging 40k per week, with a highest mileage of 54k and lowest of 32k.

With the training I've put in over the last 2 months, it might be reasonable for me to say I've built up a comfortable base from which I can now start to increase the intensity of my training and mileage over the coming weeks. Perhaps the speed workouts at Kg Pandan on Tuesdays would be of some help in improving my fitness.

I now need to find a suitable time and place for my long runs on Saturdays, since I'm not free on Sunday mornings. The only problem with running on Saturdays is the high volume of traffic on the roads. Now if only I can find a running partner in Klang for my long runs on Saturdays.

I am looking forward to the PMs New Year 21k run at Lake Gardens on Jan 1st and the Great Eastern Pacesetters 30k run on Jan 22nd. I've decided to take part in the 30k category instead of the 20k as I had planned initially. I will use that run to decide whether to register for the half or full in the KLIM.


kienboon said...

Chicken feet for you lah.. Sure you can do it on! I can't really imagine these day running with car smoke around. I will totally avoid huge traffic area. Perhaps that will pose a better challenge. Why dont you join the Kinabalu race up the hill?

Anonymous said...

Try running around Shah Alam lake..exhaust fumes FREE! One round about 4km. A bit flat and monotonus if you can stand the unchallenging n boring pathway. Best time to run is in the morning, less crowd of lepak n bercinta kaki.

Robin aka the runner aide

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a problem to progress from 10k to 42k provided you have enough mileage.
Try to run above 30k in one long run.
Also prepare to sacrifice your precious family time from now till march next year.

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