Friday, November 25, 2005

My runs for the week

I decided to give gym a skip on Tuesday and headed to the Kg. Pandan track instead. I was really curious as to what Ronnie meant by der_menu dished out by the coach. It was raining from afternoon and it hadn't stopped by the time I reached.

After changing and waiting a bit, Ronnie arrived. He told me to start with my warm ups. I did just two laps as a warmup and waited around for coach to arrive. Later Ronnie introduced me to coach and we were told to start the drills almost immediately.

To sum up the session, I started too fast and kept up with the front pack for the first few 'dishes' on the menu. By the last few dishes, I had to slow down quite a bit and almost decided to quit. The rain was of no help either since it blurred my vision. Overall it was a good experience and I will try to make the sessions once a week. Oh yes, I also met Kenneth Teh (pm20) there for the first time.

Wednesday's fellowship run was called off due to the rain. I was really looking forward to that... sigh! Yesterday I went to the gym and managed a half hearted 6.5k on the mill. I was hoping to do more, but after my shoelaces came undone I just lost the momentum.

I'll be heading to KLCC park in about 30 minutes. I hope to be able to run 8 laps today. Ronnie is going to be there as well. Later tonight I'll be taking the family to Tesco for our monthly grocery shopping and also to pick up some other stuff. Tomorrow morning I should be running with PM20 at 7am from Taman Rakyat if it doesnt rain. I'm looking forward to that. I plan to rest this Sunday.


krunner said...

For the toes blister problem, recommend u wear a wicking type sock made from Coolmax or polyester . U can get them during gthe SIM expo.

Dinesh said...

Thanks for the tip, I will try to get them in Singapore

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