Thursday, November 24, 2005


I never thought that I would be taking part in this year's Singapore International Marathon. With all the recent hype on the internet and the PMs chatbox of how good this event is going to be, I was on the lookout for anyone who wanted to sell their 21k entry.

Yesterday when
Jamie mentioned that he had a 10k entry which was up for sale, I was having mixed feelings, since going all the way to Singapore for a 10k might not be worth the effort? I managed to speak to my boss on the availability of our company's apartment in Singapore, and since he said I was welcome to use it, I decided to buy the 10k entry.

I've looked through the official marathon site on Jamie's advice and managed to find the details on the strategic cheering spots for the full marathon participants. They have broken down the times and places we should be at to cheer for the participants based on different race finish timings i.e sub 4 hours, sub 5 hours, sub 6 hours etc. They even provide shuttle busses which will transport supporters to the various cheering stations.

Since I start my 10k at 7am and should be finished by 8am, this gives me plenty of time to position myself at some of the cheering stations. I have promised Lim that I would give him the support he needs to complete the full distance. Hopefully I can also get some good photos of the event, including Lim in action!

My wife has yet to confirm if she will come to Singapore with me. We have actually taken our leave long ago (not for Singapore) since 30th Nov is our wedding anniversary and 1st Dec is Nick's birthday. It would be nice if she can come and experience this event.

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