Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lazy Day

As my company declared today a holiday at the very last moment, I had nothing planned. My wife was working and my son was sent to my mother in law’s home as usual, since his daily meals were cooked and prepared there.

I spend the day watching some old movies on VCD, had KFC for lunch, tried to renew my mother’s car road tax at the post office in Tesco but the computer was offline. Had a nap in the afternoon, washed the bathroom and tidied the house a little before heading out for my regular Wednesday night run at Taman Rakyat with our area group.

Today most of our members were not coming, it was just Albert and myself. Peter was busy doing some repairs to his new house, Lim was still on holiday in China with his family, Ajeep was probably back in Perak for Hari Raya and Mani’s wife had just delivered their third child (a boy) a couple of days back.

I arrived at the park just before 8.30pm and saw that Albert had just arrived as well. Waited for him to change into his shoes and off we went. The running track at Taman Rakyat has two main loops. The first is the longer route with a distance of 1.6k and the other has a distance of about 1k.

We normally run the 1k route on Wednesdays since it has better lighting. I enjoy running here once a week because it gives me the opportunity to do some hill training. At least 350m of the 1k distance is made up of a very sharp slope.

Today the park was completely empty and I felt good running. The cool air and quiet surroundings allowed to me relax and run with ease. We were running at a comfortable pace and were able to enjoy some conversation as well. We completed 7 loops before calling it a day. Final timing was 44m12s.

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