Thursday, November 24, 2005

Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia

I have been labelled as crazy by my wife and close friends for my obsession of testing the limit of my car's fuel tank. Since most of my trips are of my daily travels from Klang to KL and back, this means I would spend lots of time caught in the city's traffic jams.

With a mixture of driving on the highway and city traffic, I have always managed to get about 720km on average from a full tank of fuel. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I drive a Proton Waja 1.6(auto) which comes with a large 60 litre fuel tank.

Having filled the tank just before leaving for Ipoh on Saturday, I was really surprised on Tuesday when my petrol indicator showed a substantial amount of fuel left in the tank even though I had clocked over 700km. Yesterday I drove to work and back (110km), and then drove to Port Klang for dinner before deciding to fill the tank again.

At the station, my trip meter showed 820.6km. After filling the tank until it could take no more, the kiosk showed that I had put in 57 litres of petrol, which means that there was still about 3 litres left in the tank! This works out to be an amazing 11.3 cents per km. I'm not sure how this compares with other cars of the same engine capacity, but to me its as good as it gets!


kienboon said...

Of courselah if you are driving at highway. An average new EFI car 1.6 will gv you about 30-35% fuel economy at constant round 100km/h. Last time my Iswara I drive 85km/h after Bukit Mertajam. Damn.. I safe almost one bar of petrol at that time almost RM10 - RM12.

Anonymous said...

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