Friday, November 18, 2005

Few short runs

Since I will be running in this weekend's KRI 10k race, I decided to keep my runs short this week. Monday was a rest day after the 20k practice run on Sunday. On Tuesday I went to the gym as usual, where I did a 6k tempo run. On Wednesday I ran another brisk 5.7k at Taman Rakyat with Albert, Lim and Ajeep.

Yesterday it was raining in KL when I left, but the skies were clear and beautiful when I reached Klang. I put on my shoes and started running my final training run before the race. The plan was to try to run at a pace slightly slower than my race pace for 5 to 6km to judge my fitness level and to fix my target finish time for Sunday's race. At the end I managed to cover 5 laps or 5.6k in 30m12s rather comfortably.

At this pace, my 10k timing should be somewhere between 54 to 55mins. I think I will fix a target of 55mins for now, since that would mean an improvement of almost 7mins from my last 10k race in September, which I think is good. I will be very happy if I can just meet the target. If I run faster than 55mins, it will be a bonus. If along the way I crash out, there will be other races.

Lim has booked two 4-bedroom apartment units in Hillcity Hotel and Condo in Ipoh. In total there will be more than 20 people going to Ipoh from Klang this Saturday, including family and relatives of the runners. The apartment is very near the Simpang Pulai toll, so I presume it must be quite a distance from the town. However it should not really be a problem getting to the race the next morning since it will be really early.

I'm looking forward to this race because this is where I will be able to see how much my training effort has helped me improve. It is almost exactly two months since my first ever race in Putrajaya. This is exciting! Good luck to everyone who will be participating as well!

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