Friday, December 09, 2005

This week's runs

Monday - 5 laps housing (5.6k)

Tuesday - 9 laps housing (10.1k)

Wednesday - Nil (Rain, rain go away!!)

Yesterday - 16 laps housing (18k)

After running my first long run yesterday since the recent PACM practice run, I realise that I am light years away from being in marathon form. I planned to cover 20.2k (18 laps) but after 14 laps my legs were already giving up on me and I had a severe side stitch which didn't want to go away.

Anyway I am happy to have been able to kick off my first long run in my KLIM program. This week was a test of my current fitness level. My general training plan for KLIM will be as follows...

Mondays - 14.7k (13 laps housing)

Tuesdays - 10.1k (tempo run, 9 laps housing)

Wednesdays - 10.4k (hill training, 9 laps taman rakyat)

Thursdays - 14.7k (13 laps housing)

Fridays - Rest

Saturdays - 20k or 25k or 30k (gradual increase as D-Day draws closer)

Sundays - Rest (Except for: 1. Mizuno Race, 2. Pacemakers Race, 3. GE-PACM 30k)

With the plan above, I should average 70k per week, with peak mileage of 80k as the marathon draws closer. Since this will be my first marathon, I don't have any great targets set to achieve besides crossing the finishing line in good form. I should think that even if I completed 80% of the planned training, I could perhaps finish the marathon comfortably.


Leslie said...

Hi Dinesh,

Wow! Must say yr running has really taken off on the express lane. Its understandable & U won't be satisfied till u've done a full marathon in your lifetime. Training for a marathon requires determination, commitment and takes up a lot of time. Good luck in yr endeavour!

Dinesh said...

Thanks Leslie, I am looking forward to it.