Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Air Pegasus 2004

On Sunday, I picked up the last pair of Air Pegasus 2004 being sold at Hytex Studio in Sunway Pyramid. Shine (pm34) had sent me an SMS on Saturday, saying that the last pair was a size US12/UK11... thank you Shine! It cost me RM249.

The shoes fit well when I tried them out with the running socks I had brought along. I really liked the plain white colour (which is why it costs more than most 2004 models being sold for RM229). I have yet to try them on a run to see if they are as good as many have said. To me the most important thing is cushioning and comfort.


Carboman said...

the ache you felt wearig that shoe is temporary. as pegasus is soft (very soft), your leg muscles are adjusting to the cushioning. just walk in it for now and limit your runs to short ones. once it's broken in and your legs adjusted, it'll be fine. it's really a good shoe

Dinesh said...

Jamie, I really was annoyed when I first used the shoe for a short run on Tuesday. However after running in it again yesterday, it seemed fine. I enjoyed my run. I think with a few more runs, it should be fine. Thanks for the input!

Anonymous said...

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