Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New record

Yesterday I was feeling quite disheartened with my lackluster performance at the Mizuno race on Sunday. It was not as if I was sick or tired, but just plain LAZY! However after being informed by Ronnie that the distance was not exactly 10km but more like 10.5 to 11km, I did feel a little better.

I reached home at 7.15pm yesterday after battling the traffic on the road for over an hour. It was raining in KL so I was glad that the weather was clear in Klang. After eating a banana and a slice of bread, I quickly changed into my running attire, strapped on my Pegasus and was out of the gate.

The first few laps were run at a brisk pace of 5.2min/km. There was some foul smell in the air coming from some factories nearby and this irritated my breathing slightly. At the fourth lap, my eyes started to sting and I suspect it must be caused by the same substance in the air. This made me want to complete the workout faster and I started increasing my pace.

By the last 3 laps, I was running at a 4.5min/km pace. The feeling was really good as most of my workouts recently have been slow and sluggish. Final timing for 9 laps (10.1k) was 50m52s which is my fastest time ever for a 10k. I felt really good afterwards... in fact the right word to use is elated.

The Pegasus proved to be excellent in my run yesterday. It gave me a kind of light, springy feeling that I would never get with the NB680. What made me really happy is that there was no post run aches as in my previous runs with this pair of shoes. The Adidas vest from the recent Singapore marathon was also a lot more comfortable than I had given it credit for earlier. The soft material feels great!


Newton said...

congrats on new record!

Dinesh said...

Thanks Newton! See you on Jan 1st