Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not a pretty sight

My toe woes are getting worse with the gradual increase in weekly mileage. The 'blunt trauma' I described in my previous post is now happening on all my runs. What should I do..."sigh"?

What you see in the photo is the result of just running distances of no more than 10k. Would my toes fall off if I start including regular long runs in my training?

I've decided to register for the full marathon in the upcoming KLIM on March 5th. I need to resolve this problem quickly, and new shoes are a must. The question now is, what shoes are going to be suitable for a big guy like me?

My current shoes are already size 12(US) or 11.5(UK) with extra wide width (4E) which can only be found in New Balance shoes. HELP!


RunWitMe said...

Yikes! That's nasty! They will fall off soon. But don't worry they will grow back nicely in a few months. Until then, don't wear open toes shoes or sandals. Keep those ugly things away from our sights. Hehehe! Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem when I started out training for marathon. i found out that I wasn't wearing the correct size shoes, too tight. Later i bought bigger one with one finger gap from the heel to the back of the shoe.
No more blueish toes. Also tie the lace tighter, so that the foot don't slip front n back while LSD.

Robin aka runner's aide

Dinesh said...

rwm, watcha mean they will fall off? You mean they will grow out right...hehehe!

anonymous, are both your feet the same size. My right foot is bigger than my left. And I did try the one finger theory when buying the shoes. Perhaps it is still too small since I dont have this problem with my left foot? I tie my laces as tightly as possible, even using an extra loop method which Albert (New Balance store manager) showed me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank god, both of my feet are of the same size. Looks like you have to buy 2 pairs. As of the damaged toe nail, you will have to yank it out when the time comes.


C-CUBE said...

try thr NB 855 (old model) or the 856 (new model) 4E. the shoes seems to hv more room in front. i am wearing the 855 and u can move ur toes as if ur wearing a sandal. goto a NB shop n check it out. hope that helps.


Carboman said...

blueblack toes are badge of honor! a rite of passage for the marathoner - display with pride! hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

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