Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A02 and A0002

I found out from the Holabox that there was going to be a circuit run organised by AmBank and FTAAA on Sunday, Dec 11th. I was not interested at first, but later realised that I needed to go and collect the Mizuno numbers from Bukit Aman on behalf of our runners from Klang, so I decided to join the run as my 'morning run'.

I was the first to reach there on Sunday and found some difficulty in finding the boathouse (the starting point) in the dark, since I've never been to Lake Gardens before. Once the counter opened, I collected my number A02 from the FTAAA 'aunty'.

The run started half an hour late. I managed to cover 4 laps (9.2k) in 51m48s before stopping since I would not be able to complete another lap within the 60 minutes allocated for the run.

Later after changing, I quickly made my way back to the starting point to get the marathon registration forms. The aunty told me that registration was open on that day. I thought about it and decided it was better to just make a 'rash' decision and register early for the full marathon, rather than to think about it and change my mind later. An early committment on my part might just be the key for putting in the necessary training to complete the marathon.

When the Aunty gave me my receipt, I was surprised and happy to see that my number was A0002, which meant I was the 2nd person to register for the full marathon category. I am not sure if it means anything, but getting the same number for both the circuit run and the marathon has inspired me somewhat!

Circuit run number, to be used for all 3 circuits - A02

KL Marathon 2006 receipt and registration card - A0002

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