Friday, December 16, 2005

Another long run in the bag

Yesterday's weather was perfect for a long run. I left the office early and was home by 6.15pm. After resting for an hour, I was out of the door and started running. There wasn't much breeze but it was cool enough. I had opted to use my Pegasus for the run.

I think I've gotten used to running in circles by now. My mind seems to be able to adjust better, and instead of thinking of 'how many laps to go' I was able to relax and think about other things. My 10.1k split time was appx 65 minutes. This means I was running at a 6.5min pace per km.

One thing to note was that the traffic volume was much higher than normal. Motorcycles were zooming everywhere and I had to keep watch at every corner to avoid being knocked over. One idiot almost rode straight into me as he was not looking where he was going. There was also a car that almost reversed into me. Either they couldn't be bothered, or it must have been the full moon we had yesterday!

The shoes seemed fine, however towards the end my left ankle was a little painful. The other thing I noticed was that there was a squishier than normal feeling while I ran, since I sweat a lot and my socks were soaked after about 12k. Final time for 20.2k was 2h11m12s. My knees and left foot are a little sore today. I hope that with full rest and some ice treatment the next two days will help me recover in time for the Mizuno race this Sunday.

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