Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sister's graduation

Introducing Dr. Shalini Kumaran

Picture of the graduation hall

Waiting anxiously for the big moment

Sha with her best friends of five years

Sha and her Ozy mates

The paper they all worked so hard for the last seven years! I'm sure there is more to it than that paper right gals?

Could be the last family shot in a long time. Too bad dad could not make it.

The cameraman of the day. Had to attend to both the video camera and digital still camera.


CHLow said...


Must be a very proud moment for your family, looks like you are very 'close' to your sisters, how come you are not settled down over there just like your sisters.

I will be leaving for Singapore tomorrow with my wife. If not for my wife i don't think i will make the trip. She only started to run once a week 5km (2 months ago)after i sign her up for this run. Yet she don't 'fear' going there to run. 2 weeks ago she ran 10km in training for the first time and she ran non-stop (but very slow). Put me to shame, my longest run the past 6 weeks is only 10km. Surely going to suffer after 15km (i know i will be hit by cramps after that distance as i am very prone to cramps) but what the heck, i told myself if my wife being a non runner can go and enjoy herself i will do the same. Just go and enjoy the run and experience the atmosphere.

Dinesh said...


Yes I'm close to my sisters. They have both been away for many years now so its good to catch up when we can.

Glad that you decided to run in Singapore in the end. Wah, I salute your wife, she has great spirit.

How did both of you do? Hope you enjoyed yourselves and and event.

CHLow said...


Welcome back to Malaysia.

No regrets with going for the run in Singapore. I have heard alot about the way this race was being organise and being part of it this time i saw for myself how well everything was being organised. At least i don't have to worry about enough water to drink. (unlike in KLIM)I was lucky as the weather was perfect for running, cloudy and later a slight drizzle.

When i ran my first 21km in KLIM this year my target was just to finish it. This time when i sign up for this run i thought of training and be able to run non-stop. After not being able to do any longer runs of 15km or above during training i did not set any targets. Sometimes when you don't have any expectations you enjoy the runs better. This is exactly what happen in Singapore, i just went there to enjoy myself, ran slowly, took 1km at a time and i was surprise i managed to run non-stop. (except when i drank at the water stations which was only for a few seconds each time)For me that was a personal satisfaction, irrespective of the slow time. Maybe got the inspiration when i met my wife on the opposite side of the road (10km runners) and she called out to me (ha! ha!)

One thing that i really dislike is the amount of people. Aiyoh already tired and you have to keep avoiding people walking, running, drinking, stopping suddenly in front of you, cutting across, eating banana. I know this way of running zig-zag, sudden stop and accelerating to overtake someone blocking can trigger cramps especially when you are already tired so i was very careful and went slow. I tried my best to avoid all this and maybe that was why i did not suffer any cramps (normally i am very prone to cramps) but i saw many people with cramps. In fact i saw a few of them collapsing by the side. Another thing is spend the whole of Saturday walking non-stop, the legs were more tired then after a run. Overall it was an enjoyable run for my wife and me.

Thanks for all your help, encouragement and little advice that you always give me.