Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pia Kau Kau Lat!

Yesterday I finally understood the true meaning of pia kau kau lat! As part of my training with Ronnie and Lai, I was to do a one lap time trial. I had not fully recovered from Sundays all out run yet. Lai sent an SMS saying he couldn't be there so it would just be me and captain.

I arrived before
pm1 and started my stretching. We then did a few laps of warm up followed by some strides and more stretching. Ron showed me how to improve my hand movement and even suggested I train using chopsticks to improve on my hand movement.. haha!

We finally started the one lapper after a countdown by Ron. I started very fast and later Ron said he was finding difficulty in keeping up with me for the first few hundred meters... this is just typical of my style.

The park was unusually crowded with tourists and school kids on tour that day. When we reached the top of the hill on the bridge, I almost ran smack into a few ladies. I just managed to avoid them by doing an acrobatic body twist. This slowed me down a little.

Picked up the momentum from there but could already hear myself breathing in such an akward manner. By the time we started climbing the hill near the convention centre I started slowing a little but captain commanded me to push up the hill as strongly as possible. I managed to get some wind back on the downhill stretch.

With just 600m to go, captain said I was doing well and had already PR..ed. Actually by then I was just running like a lost cow and not knowing what pace I was running. Everything was just a total blur. So when I heard this I was inspired to push even harder. I don't know where it came from but I got a sudden surge of energy in the last 200m and just took off to the finish line.

My total time for 1.3k was 4min 57.33sec. This is a 14sec improvement from my previous PR and a pace of 3min 48sec/k. I was totally wasted after that. Could not get my breath back for almost 5 minutes. Finally had to force myself to run another 2 laps to warmdown. I don't think I will try another one lapper in a very long time, however it does feel good to know I can run that fast.

"I feel good!" : Photo taken by pm21


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u the fast and furious!

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