Monday, November 20, 2006

Wangsa Maju Run 2006

Event: Wangsa Maju - Setiawangsa Run
Date: 18 November 2006
Timing: 42min 54sec

This was the first run where I registered just 2 days before the event. PM1 asked me to try it and gain experience and perhaps even get one of the 50 medals being offered for my category. On race day I picked up Peter from his home, Ms. Leong from Subang toll gate and Tey from Asiajaya bus stop. Tey was not running but came to take some photos and enjoy the event.

My stomach was not feeling good that morning but since there was only one toilet and it was really crowded I didn't wait. I had driven the route a few times the day before and I knew that it was a very tough route. Much tougher than the IOI run I had taken part in last weekend. All the elite runners were also there since the price money being offered was very good.

We were allowed to start just after 7am. Peter and Ms Leong started later since they were in the veteran category and were running a shorter distance. I looked on with disbelieve when I saw that more than half the runners were pushing the pace right at the start. I tried to keep up for fear of being left behind.
Zulazlan was also pushing a hard pace and we ran together for the first few kilometers.

Before the race, both Zul and me had planned to pace with each other for as long as possible in order to run a good race. Zul had a mission which was to get one of the 50 medals. After missing the medal at Subang by just 2 positions he was determined to make amends this time! The picture below shows the two of us at the start of the race.

Zul and DK pia kau kau at the beginning

The first 700m was an uphill climb. Once we reached the traffic light and crossed onto Jalan Jelatek I felt that I was running much faster than my normal pace but it seemed like I was not getting any closer to the runners in front. By the time we had made the turn at the padang and reached the traffic light at Jelatek I saw that I was almost 2minutes faster than my planned pace. A quick calculation told me I was running at almost a 4min flat pace.

Whoooahhh!! Thats way to fast, and just in front was one of the toughest part of the route a long 1km uphill climb. Anyway it was too late to adjust the pace, I found myself running out of steam on this stretch. At the water station I stopped briefly before continuing, soon after that I met Ronnie at the top of the hill and was informed I was in position 62. What?? Running that fast and still in positon 62.. sigh. I lost my motivation from there feeling that I would not be able to potong sayur 12 people for the medal.

I started slowing down from there as fatigue was starting to build up. My stomach was still feeling queesy and my right hamstring was showing signs of pulling from last Tuesdays 1 lapper at KLCC. I still managed to overtake another 6 runners before reaching the last stretch which was a 800m sharp climb to the finish line. I had to practically drag myself up this stretch all the way to the finish line. Total time was 42min 54sec.

I'm glad I took part in this race. The experience I gained in terms of knowing where I stand and my mistakes in pacing will be something to use in future events. Peter came in position 29 in his category and Ms. Leong finished in positon 11. Well done to both of them! Oh yes and Zul finished in postion 50 with a timing of 41min 15sec to get the last medal!! Congrats to him, he really deserves it!

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