Thursday, November 09, 2006

Marathon talk

Last night the haze was still around but it wasn't as bad as it had been a few weeks back. The weather was exceptionally cooling with very low humidity. This allowed me to run comfortably at our usual Wednesday spot. Others who came were Peter, Albert, Lim, Lee, Ajeep and Leow. Have not seen Ajeep for sometime now, was good to catch up with him.

Since Peter and Lim are going for the Singapore marathon, a lot of the discussion was centered around marathons. Albert hasn't run one in years and Ajeep has yet to try one so there was a lot of challenging going on at the makan table. As for me I don't know when I will run my next marathon. I shall focus more on half marathons for now but if timing permits I might try the KL full next year.

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PACM.KLANG said...

DK, there is a positive seed already planted in yr mind that KLIM is yr next FULL MARATHON.

I had my 1st marathon in Penang in 2000, when i hit the finishing line, i already told myself i am not running another marathon.

Some how, until today, I have done 5 full marathon ( 1st in Penang, 3x KLIM , 1 in singapore ).
All because , my running friends supported to do it.