Thursday, November 16, 2006

Feeling safe?

I read with horror the news about armed robbers bravely walking into Tesco in Bukit Tinggi Klang and shooting dead two security guards and injuring one worker and one customer at the Poh Kong store, before making off with over 1mil ringgit worth of jewels. They did not even bother wearing masks. In total 19 shots were fired by them.

This is the very place my family loves to hang out in, whether it's for our monthly grocery shopping or for picking up something small or even to have an occasional meal at the restaurants there. When I read about this, it felt as if something important had been taken away from us just like that. We will not feel safe going there anymore.

Today I read about a bomb exploding in a food court in a shopping mall in Ipoh. Despite it being a small home made bomb, it could very well have been a larger explosive which could have taken many more lives or caused more injuries. In this case a cleaning lady was the only victim when she was injured in her leg.

Everyday we hear about more and more murder cases in our country, the latest involving law enforcement officers who are "accused" and currently being charged of using C4 explosives to get rid of evidence after killing their victim by shooting her point blank in the head.

Then of course there is the ever rising number of snatch thefts and home robberies. Our dear PM24 was a recent victim with robbers breaking into his home and not limiting their actions to stealing, they had to inflict injury upon him which I am sure he will remember for many years to come.

One thing for sure is that we can never depend on our law enforcement officers to do much in tackling the rise of crime in this country. All we can do is to be as alert as possible and taking preventive measures to keep our family safe at all times. If encountered with any of these life threatening situation, don't try to be a hero, instead just do as demanded and leave it to God to deal with these menaces in His own time.

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Raymond Hee said...

U r damn right,our society is atrocious!
Tesco Klang is my fav hang out place for lunch and dinner,cant believe these robbers were so daring nowadays.
Run safe,train safe dude