Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One lap sprint @ KLCC

The sky looked very threatening yesterday evening, but I was determined to get come action at the KLCC park. Ronnie said he would pace me for a 3 lap PR, but when I reached he hadn't arrived and I wanted to start running just incase it started to pour with rain.

I didn't do much of a warm up before starting my 3 lap attempt. My first lap was clocked at 6m18s. I decided to just maintain speed and hang in there for another 2 laps. However towards the end of the second lap I was having quite a severe side stitch and had to stop after that lap. My second lap split was also 6m18s.

Ron had actually arrived by then and was finishing his one lap warm up. He was disappointed that I hadn't completed the 3 lap trial so he challenged me to do a one lap sprint. I agreed but decided to do another slow lap before attempting the sprint.

Ron gave me a 30sec headstart before trying to catch up with me. I started quite conservatively but picked up speed gradually. I was starting to slow after the long slope near the convention centre but with a few hundred meters to go, and when I heard Ron's voice asking me to go faster... I just pushed myself all the way. Final time clocked was 5m42s.

I've decided that I am going to work on my speed and concentrate on a few key 10k and 21k events over the next few months. This months 15k event would be a good testing ground. Meanwhile I will try to fit in a weekly speedwork session at KLCC.

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