Friday, May 05, 2006

I want to run faster

I was delighted when I reached home yesterday and found that it was not raining in Klang as it was in KL. I decided to go for another fast paced workout, even though the previous two day's workouts had some speedwork in them.

It had to be a quick workout as Nick had to be picked up. The first 4 laps covering 4.6k was run at an average pace of 4.8min/k. I still don't have a watch which can give show me lap/split timing, but from some mental calculation, I was doing a negative split for each lap. Total distance of the workout was 5.6k

I was reading Vincent's (pm10) blog and came across a posting entitled
How To Run Faster and the simplicity but truth of what is written there has challenged me to create my own program to help me run faster. The bottomline is I need to run fast in my training to be able to run fast at races.

Mileage alone does not help. Furthermore considering the fact that most of us can't consistently keep up our weekly mileage to a desired distance, the best and sure way for improvement is by speed training. I am going to be trying this method to see if it works well for me in my preparation for 10k and 21k races.

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