Thursday, May 04, 2006

The miracle of life

Just last week, our good friends Felicia and Lewis were blessed with their first child, a healthy baby boy. My wife and I were thrilled and visited them numerous times over a span of three days, both at the hospital and in their home.

It has been a long time since I held a newborn in my arms, and when I held little Joel, it was a wonderful feeling. I was a little nervous though as this baby is really a little fella, weighing only 2.6kgs at birth.

Perhaps it is time for us to consider having our second child. But we are both so tired and busy everyday as it is, and having to rearrange our schedules and not to mention replan our finances is quite difficult to imagine at this point. Hmmm... how do some of you guys out there manage it?


CHLow said...


I am sure you would agree that the minute you have your own children life will never be the same again. Time flies, enjoy it while you still can. I still remember when my wife delivered my two boys. Now they are already 16 and 13. I really missed those times when they were still a baby. Regretted not trying for 1 more girl when i was younger. (now too late, sudah tua) I remember you, writing in your blog about your son learning alphabet's sometime back and reading this bring back memories about the time i spend teaching my two sons when they were younger. It was a struggle cos both me and my wife are working but it was all worth while. That is why i only started to run more recently. Those days really difficult to find time and energy to exercise. (no excuse actually just plain lazy). Was supposed to run (sign up already) for the 15km Pacesetters run but unfortunately have to attend my elder son's confirmation in church so cannot go for the run (so dissapointed). Confirmation only once in his life but the pacesetters run can still take part next year. Thought of introducing myself to you at this run maybe another time.

Dinesh said...


What you said is really true. That's been at the back of my mind as well, coz while its tiring being a parent, it is really worth everything we put into it. We do get a sense of joy that cannot be found elsewhere.

I'm sure we will get to meet in one of the upcoming races. I should be participating in the PJ Half as well. Congratulations on your son's confirmation in the church.