Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back to Hartamas

Peter, Lee and myself were going to run the NB 15k route last Sunday, but when we couldn't make head or tail of the map, we decided to opt for a 20k LSD using the Hartamas route. Lim had decided to run the double hill route.

I knew that it was going to be difficult if I wanted to keep up with Peter and Lim, and sure enough as soon as we were out of Bkt Aman, they decided they wanted to catch up with two 'Penguin' runners and off they went. Once we crossed the main road at Jln Duta to the government offices, I asked Lee to go on ahead.

Finally down to my own pace again, I started to feel more comfortable and had more confidence of completing the run. When I had hit Hartamas, Randy passed me with his lady friend. When I saw him sprinting up the hills and then making a turn back to regroup with his friend, I was rather envious. I told myself that I need to be able to tackle those hills in that manner.

I reached the Petronas in 58min. Lee and Peter were just going to leave the station then. Lee had waited to pass me my 2 ringgit which he was carrying in his pouch. I quickly hopped into the store and grabbed a bottle of 100plus before starting the return journey.

On the way back, once I had reached Jln Tunku, I was confronted with an army of runners who were participating in the 'Bomba' run. I even saw Ronnie and Ryan amongst the leading pack. Not long after I found myself running against hundreds of the slower participants, and to make matters worse, many were not considerate enough to give me much room to pass, causing a lot of shoulder banging.

I finally drudged my way back to the Bukit Aman carpark in 2h4m. I had lost steam towards the end and found myself half walking up the slope passing Padang Merbok. Later I was told that Peter and Lee had taken the double hill route back. I am just glad that I managed to complete the run.

We hung around the carpark chatting with as many friends as possible. Met Adam, Ryan and Ronnie there as well. Ron had done quite well to finish in position 23 in the race.

Ron being the usual dutiful captain and was collecting the NB vests and registration cards for the PMs.

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