Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Well done team!

Many people I speak to don't have many kind words to say about our Malaysian Thomas Cup squad. They feel that they should have at least managed to enter the finals of the tournament. I however feel that the players have given their best and deserve a big round of applause.

As for Kuan Beng Hong, it isn't right for us to put the blame entirely on him for our loss to Denmark. He is still a relatively inexperienced player and he didn't have what was required to shoulder such a big responsibility, especially in a crucial decider. The coaches and officials might need to relook at their decision on making the selection over more experienced players like Roslin or Tsuen Seng.

As for me, being a die hard badminton fan at one time, watching the semifinal clash did get my blood pressure up quite a bit. Despite it being 9pm once the last match was over, I strapped on my shoes and had a relaxing 45 minute run. It felt good to run again that late at night.

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Raymond Hee said...

It seems everyone blamed it on CH Wong's untimely injury.
As a matter a fact,Joachim Persson is an unherald Danish player,Beng Hong should hv won the match if not his unsettling nerves as one can easily see from the entire match.I almost had a heart attack during the 2nd doubles,it was a yo yo journey!

Happy running Dinesh