Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's been too long

My form has dropped drastically. I wanted to test the waters at the KLCC track yesterday before committing to any time trial. Ronnie was just about to start when I arrived, and I told him that I will try one lap before deciding.

I clocked 7 mins on my first lap, but at the end of it I knew that I wouldnt be able to push any much faster, especially if I wanted to do a 5 lap time trial. I decided to continue for another lap, this time I managed a 6m45s split.

A few hundred meters into my 3rd lap I had to stop as too much salt had gotten into my eyes and it was stinging badly. I rinsed my face and walked back towards the mosque carpark. Suddenly thats when I saw my saviours PM12 and PM18, "AH finally some company, which is exactly what I needed!"

Their pace for the day suited me just fine. We were averaging about 9 mins per lap and this allowed for some good coversation as well. I stuck with them for 5 laps before turning on the turbo on the last lap, just to see if I still had any speed left. I left feeling good as it was my longest run since march 5th.