Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To run or not to run?

I've somehow managed fit in two sessions of running into my hectic weekly schedule. Before yesterday, my last run was on Friday. I've decided to carry my running gear with me as much as possible since my schedules are uncertain these days, and I might get to fit in some time at the gym or at KLCC park.

Yesterday this became useful as I had a late appointment in the city so I decided to hit the track at KLCC. I was pleasantly surprised to see Ronnie, Rachel, Rohaizad and Newton at the park. They were hanging around one of the park benches chatting. It was good to have a quick chat with them as it's been sometime since we last met.

Since Ronnie and Haizad had finished their workout, and Rac and Newton were spectators for the day in support of Ronnie who was trying to achieve a PR for a 5 lapper, I had to run on my own. It was already just past 7pm when I started.

I felt really at peace as I ran. The weather was absolutely fabulous and the park was not too crowded. The sky was clear and the view of the city lights and the towers were magnificent as dusk slowly turned to darkness. I've missed this kind of feeling for sometime now. Having completed 6 laps in just over 45 minutes, I stopped and grabbed my things for a quick 'shower' before going for my appointment.

Oh ya, now coming back to the question on my subject of this posting... should I run in the upcoming NB15k event? I didn't feel the strain running 6 laps yesterday, even though my weekly mileage has been cut down such a lot. Perhaps 15k won't be too much of a problem? Hmmm... let me try 9 laps at the park one of these days before I decide.


Newton said...

this is THE pacesetters event, this is the best organized event that i know of, if there is only 1 one run i have to choose this would be it, for me - this is a problem free event, no water problem, no rude officials, volunteers/officials happily going along their duties, join now otherwise u gotta wait another year!

Dinesh said...

Ok Newton... considering the promotion I heard about it I shall just sign up without further thought :)

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