Friday, April 07, 2006

Time trial challenge

I'm starting to feel the return of a competitive streak once again! Just had lunch with pm1, pm5 and pm18. Ron is trying to recruit as many people into joining his time trial frenzy at KLCC and even Newton joined him today in challenging me. As I've never ever really pushed my pace at KLCC before, this would be something interesting to prepare for.

I am not going to look at any more shoe investments for now. I shall make do with what I have. However I am considering getting a decent watch with Lap time functionality. This would be really useful in monitoring my pace, since running a good time requires proper pacing rather than pushing all out from the beginning.

Hmmm... perhaps by getting into a new phase of training, which would be more focused towards speed might help me in the NB15k event. I must try to fit in some time for a little hill training as well, but I suppose the undulating terrain at KLCC park should help a little.

A quick note on my last run which was on Wednesday with my regular gang back in Klang. Lim, Albert, Peter, Lee and Ajeep were able to make it. I managed 7 laps with a total distance of about 8.1k at quite an enjoyable, conversational pace. I noted that I don't feel as tired on my runs these days as I used to when training for the marathon. It must be the extra recovery time I have now between my runs which makes a huge difference.


CHLow said...

Hi Dinesh,

Nice to hear that you are getting into a competitive streak again. As for me after completing my first half marathon at KLIM, i was very enthusiastic to run. I took part in the power run and i had one of my worst ever run, stop so many times to take a walk, really did not enjoy the run. Maybe i got excited after the half marathon and over did things. Now i am having problem(pain)with my hip and back. Each time after a run i have this pain especially at my hip. The pain is now there even without doing any run. Might continue to run (less mileage) and bear with the pain and take a complete 1 month break from running in June. I would be going to W.Germany with a few friends for the world cup so that would be a good chance to take a break from running.

Dinesh said...

Hi Low, wow Germany! Thats great to hear. Congrats on your KLIM feat again!

I hope your hip and back get better soon. Have you consulted a doctor? I think that break would do your injury good.


Anonymous said...

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