Friday, January 06, 2006

Training setback

I have been adviced to listen to my body. I guess that's something that comes with experience? After the NYR on Sunday, I was feeling good and there did not seem to be any aches. I rested fully on Monday and started training again on Tuesday.

I ran 10.1k in 56min which to me didn't seem too fast and was quite an average pace. I don't normally stretch before my runs as I had a bad experience of overstretching and getting injured. So I prefer to warm up with a slow run and stretch after I finish running. However for some reason or other, I injured my lower calf on my left leg. The pain was hardly felt during the run, but it was quite strong after that.

Anyway this forced me to rest for 3 days. My calf seems 'almost' fully recovered now. I've been giving it a lot of 'ice treatments' and rubbing in the analgesic creams. Counterpain didn't work well so I reverted to the expensive cream from my Dr. called Voltaren Emulgel. That seems to have done the trick.

I will be going for the 2nd KLIM circuit run tomorrow morning.
Tey (pm22) has volunteered to support me with his famous plum powder drink, since I am hoping to attempt running 25 to 30k, depending on my condition. Thank you Tey! I will however listen closely to my body tomorrow... haha!

Another setback in my training would be my business trip to Mumbai, India sometime over the next few weeks. I should be there for a week or so. The worst part is I don't know if it will clash with my GE30k and CNY??! The dates cannot be confirmed until certain prerequisites are met at my distributors end over there. I don't know which hotel I would be staying in yet so who knows if there even is a proper gym with sufficient treadmills? Well I'll have to wait and see!