Monday, January 23, 2006

Great Eastern 30k

I don't suppose the members of the planning committee of all PACM organised races are sadists? Well the most I can say about yesterday's race is that I completed it without any injury. I am happy to have run my first 30k and to have gotten a medal for the effort.

From yesterday's performance, I am almost convinced that my KLIM experience is going to be quite stressful. Since it took me 3h30m to complete 30k, I can almost picture myself dragging my feet to the finishing line, or perhaps limping with my stop watch showing well over 5 hours in my marathon.

What I can take consolation from is the fact that I still have over 5 weeks to build my endurance and strengthen my legs before D-Day. So having said that, its back to training today!


Carboman said...

You did very well lah... No one ever said 42K is easy peasy isn't it? Anyway, the first time is nearly always painful. As you said keep plugging away and come Mar you will be in a much stronger position. Perhaps you can let us know what you find difficult over tomorrow's lunch. Most important is you and Rohaizad both came away with no injuries. In anything exceeding 20K, Patience wins the day!

krunner said...

Yeah, don't worry! You have a solid training program. When the race comes, we have to finish no matter what it takes

apekpg said...

i totally agreed with Rohaizad. See you all at the starting line at KLIM 06

Dinesh said...

Thanks you guys! Btw I was just kidding about PACM race organisers being sadists... haha!

I actually feel pretty good having completed the 30k. If I can really complete the four planned 30k runs, then I should be fine come March 5th.

Apek, see you at the starting line! Carboman and Krunner... hope to run with you guys again on Feb 5th. If we start early... say 5am, shall we try 35k??

Tey said...

My first time is 5:00:02..very painfull experience..hahaha...! Compare to me,I think u done great liao...!!

Don worry !

John said...

For a first-timer, 3:30 is considered good. Well done!

Now that you've run a 30k, you should know where the shortfall is. Build on them and I believe you'll be equally amazed how you finish your coming KLIM marathon. Believe me!

Anonymous said...

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